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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I seem to have a fairly good connection at the moment, it is ironic that all the things that I would have thought would bring such a connection, have not worked, and all the things that I do without a second thought are the ones that strengthen this connection.

    Understanding has to be the biggest, learning about the real world, not the so called real world that I used to inhabit, where you measure your happiness on how much sex or pork belly you have had, but on how much you can see through the fog of Maya. Without a doubt, the more you cut through that fog, the happier you are.

    We are going through some pretty tough times at the moment, money is tight, work is hard, Sians Saab has had to be sold (hooray I hated it and its silly Swedish quirks) , so we are now down to the solitary rusting Fiesta, I have been eating copious amounts of porridge and lentils, no pork belly for a while, and only this morning, I realised I had not had sex for 10 days!, on top of all this Alfie may be dying, so we have had to lay out for large vets bills to see if he can be saved, as it sits at the moment, he either has an under active thyroid or he has liver cancer, the results of the test are out on Tuesday. We have had to move the bed downstairs, as he cannot climb the stairs anymore, his legs seems to be made of rubber, if it is his liver, I know we will have to put him down

    But, through all this, we are happy, We do the best we can do, we value life for all its gifts, other than the obvious ones that bring immediate gratification, we look to tomorrow, we plant seeds today for a better tomorrow, if Bhaiji can be sworn in half while being grateful that he is facing Guruji, these trials are nothing, if anything, we are gifted, we have enough to eat, we have animals, we have each other, but more importantly each day brings more clarity, more responsibility to fellow man and animal, through sewa we learn, through sewa we gain enlightenment, through bani we gain direction,

    Its times like this I understand why a Sikh would give up everything, anything apart from his faith, its the purest most beautiful thing about living, to have faith, to have direction, to have Guruji as a friend and mentor

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