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Controversial Congratulations! Jats Are Now, Officially, A Backward Class


Jul 1, 2004
Boston, MA
If they call themselves Jats, they can’t possibly pass themselves as Sikhs. A mere turban and beard and kirpan, or a dupatta and salwar and kameez, do not a Sikh make. There is more to being a Sikh.

[Please see the link and text below for the complete article.]

T Sher Singh (and many others) seem either unable or unwilling to accept and gracefully accommodate the huge cleavage that exists between their interpretation of Sikh ideals and the actual reality on the ground in terms of existing Sikh practices among the majority.

To keep beating the "idealism" drum of strict orthodoxy (and that, too, so viciously, as has been done in this article) is tantamount to losing a huge majority of the Sikh population as your audience. Perhaps this preaching to the minority choir is an intentional act aimed at shoring up one's orthodox credentials. But in any case, this is a highly divisive approach and is only helping to further entrench existing distrust and dysfunction within Sikh society.

As I have done in the past, I shall continue to appeal to all Sikhs for a far more unifying and inclusive approach to managing our affairs as a people.

For more on this, please see the following link.


Puneet Singh Lamba
Boston, MA


[This is the original article, to which I have responded above.]


Jats Are Now, Officially, a Backward Class

No one looks more foolish than one trying to pass himself off as someone he clearly isn’t.

That was what 81-year old Kim Novak found out when she appeared on the Oscar stage last week sporting a 21-year old’s face. She is, you may remember, the Hollywood bombshell who co-starred with James Stewart in Alfred Hich{censored}’s 1958 psychological thriller, Vertigo.

There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery … as long as it is proportionate and stays in touch with reality. Surely some Academy aficionado was having a big laugh at her expense while engineering it so that she would be one of the presenters of the award to a film befittingly titled “Frozen”!

It’s no different, no less ridiculous, when the silly people who govern Punjab today declared the foolish Sikhs who refer to themselves as “jats”, as a backward class within the asinine caste system, the STD -- sexually transmitted disease -- gifted by Hindutva to the world.

The influence comes by dint of sheer numbers, not ideologically, because the medieval desis constitute about 80% of the country, the Sikhs but 2%. Democracy doesn’t work too well when the overwhelming majority consists of lemmings who are easily led hither and thither by superstition, greed and self-interests.

Dumb and dumber. They have learnt to fib like the worst around them.

For years, 'jats' have been fooling themselves with the lie that they are of a 'high' caste. Now, in pursuit of a handful of (mostly non-existent) jobs and benefits, they're claiming that they are a 'low' caste.

Here’s what a recent news-item which has deftly slipped under the radar of the Indian media, reported:

The Punjab Cabinet approved the Backward Class (BC) status for the Jat Sikhs of the State on 5 March 2014. With this, Jat Sikhs will be the 70th community to be included in the category.

The grant of Backward Class status to the Jat Sikhs will enable them to get reservation in government jobs. Jat Sikhs of Punjab had been left out of the Indian Cabinet’s decision because the Punjab government had failed to bring the community in the State Backwards Class list.

A few days earlier, the Indian Cabinet decided to include the Jat community in the central list of Other Backward Classes in nine States: Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan.

The latest move by the Punjab Cabinet will now facilitate a proclamation by the Government of India that Jat Siks are now, nationally, a Backward Class.

Hm-mm-mm! Nothing is a surprise any more in India.

Only disappointments.

The Jats are now 'BC' -- appropriately linked with the pre-historic period of human development. Now, they can proudly claim that they are in the same basket as the rudely categorized Scheduled Castes of India!

It doesn’t bother me that all Jats, not just the stupid Sikhs who demean themselves by labelling themselves as Jats, have been confirmed to be, within the Hindu firmament, ’backward’.

But Sikhs?

Here’s the unkindest cut of all. These idiots -- the so-called ‘Jat’ Sikhs -- actually lobbied to have themselves declared ’backward’. Legally and officially. Now, they wear the self-sought insult as a victory.

Why, you ask?

So that they will have a shot at the government jobs, positions, grants and subsidies which are reserved by law for the Hindu ‘scheduled castes’ as an attempt to rectify the historical imbalance created by thousands of years of oppression of the so-called ‘low castes’ by the so-called ‘high-castes.

A noble cause, no doubt, but only if it is indeed used to help the down-trodden.

But in India, everything good and noble is corrupted within the blink of the eye by the privileged few so that the benefits can be usurped and misappropriated -- within the rubric and protection of the law, of course.

First of all, if they are Sikhs, how can they be Jats?

If they call themselves Jats, they can’t possibly pass themselves as Sikhs. A mere turban and beard and kirpan, or a dupatta and salwar and kameez, do not a Sikh make. There is more to being a Sikh.

And a Sikh is more than all the castes of India rolled into one.

He treats all others as equals, and accepts no demeaning inequality for himself. Period.

This fundamental principle is the mainstay of Sikhi.

The Gurus elevated all castes -- including the Jats -- so that they could leave behind the mythology of the brahmin, the kshatriya, the vaishya, the shudra, all of them, in the dust. In Sikhi, if you hide behind the skirt of a caste, A-N-Y caste, then only are you despicable, then only are you less and lowly.

That is, you demean yourself if you either look down on others, or you allow others to look down on you.

It is simply not acceptable in Sikhi. If you’re a Sikh, you are neither lower nor higher than any other human being. No ifs and buts.

But the Jats in Punjab who walk around in the garb of Sikhs?

They may or may not be the most intelligent or sophisticated or bright in the land, but they are certainly the richest and the most powerful … and, if anything, over-privileged. More often than not, they are the oppressors, never the victims.

So, now they qualify as a ’backward class’ so that they can also jostle their way in and pry the measly jobs out of the fingers of the real poor and downtrodden?

It’s like a beggar slapping his own face, my father would’ve said if he was around to see this shameful day, so that he can entertain the passers-by and thus win some alms thrown his way.

I have watched this recent phenomenon -- something that surfaced only in the last 30 years or so -- when some {censored}s amongst us started identifying themselves openly as Jats [or Khatris, Bedis, Sodhis, Bhallas, Ramgharias, etc., etc., all of them -- they’re all ‘moorakh‘ (stupid), to use the Guru’s own terminology! GGS:1127.19].

It is not a coincidence that the trend began post-1984, when there has been a heightened flurry of activity in planting seeds of division within our community by our obvious detractors. The brainless amongst us have fallen for the bait, hook, line and sinker.

It was hilarious to watch them through the years, cooking up stories of how they were a ‘high’ caste. We watched from the sidelines as they first demoted themselves 10 steps from being Sikh to being Jat, and then desperately trying to pull themselves up a rung or two by clinging to the fiction of being a ‘high’ caste.

Today, for a fistful of dollars, they have embraced the honorific of “Backward Class’.


‘Matt maari hai, innah di!” my grandmother would’ve exclaimed. “Their brains are dead!”

It just shows what clinging to caste appendages does to you … to your intellect, your mind, your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your very soul.

Right on cue, as if, two days after the Punjab Government’s pronouncement, the newspaper so ironically called “The Hindu” reported the following story (March 7, 2014). It’s not directly connected to the self-afflicted wounds of the so-called Jats of Punjab, but it highlights how the ‘backward classes’ are but pawns in the rat-race called Hindustan.

The candidacy of Navneet Kaur Rana of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in Amravati, Maharashtra, has been challenged on the basis of the caste certificate issued to her.

The petition has sought to prevent her from using her caste certificate to gain any benefits of reservation, including for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The writ petition has been filed by Raju Mankar who alleges that his statutory right has been jeopardised as he intends to contest the Lok Sabha elections from the Amravati seat which has been reserved for Scheduled Caste.

The petitioners have alleged that Ms Navneet procured a caste certificate on the basis of fake documents. Furthermore, they argue her caste is not recognised as Scheduled Caste in the State of Maharashtra.

And, here’s the clincher:

The Bombay High Court is slated to hear the matter on March 10, 2014 to decide if the certificate of Scheduled Caste procured by Ms Navneet Kaur was indeed as per law.

So much for India’s claims that the Constitution of India has outlawed ‘caste’ and that the government is making progress in eradicating the blight.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. Caste is the lubricant which fuels every vote cast (no pun intended!) in India; of every evil that permeates its society; of every type of crime that plagues the country.

But it’s a Hindu curse, for the Hindus, of the Hindus, by the Hindus.

What are Sikhs doing, miring themselves in that filth?

There’s nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, that captures the degradation of India today more accurately and depressingly than this single cynical move by the various governments of India ... aided by the collective self-slapping of the greedy and the corrupt.

It so breaks my heart.

March 10, 2014
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