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Conference On Sikh Studies At UC Berkeley, CA

Nov 19, 2004
I found this important information just now at Living Treasure's site and I would like to share with you all:

Translating Culture Conference Program
Sikh and Punjab Studies in Global Perspective

International Conference
University of California at Berkeley
Lipman Room, Barrows Hall
November 11-12, 2005

Panel: Translating the Adi Granth/Guru Granth Sahib: Continuing Challenges
Chair: Pashaura Singh, University of California at Riverside


14:00 Veer Bhupinder Singh, The Living Treasure Foundation, New York:
Connecting wisdom with contemporary challenges of modernity - An alternative approach in understanding Gurbani

Here is the link for detailed programme:

http://www.ias.berkeley.edu/southasia/translatingculture-pro gram.html

Kindly send this information to all your loved ones who are in or near California
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