Conference On Sikh Genocide In India Pogroms In 1984


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Jun 17, 2004
Canada, Montreal Sikhs Hold a Conference on Sikh Genocide in India Pogroms in Nov. 1984

Canada, Montreal Sikhs Hold a Conference on Sikh Genocide in India
Pogroms in Nov. 1984

A conference to commemorate-cum-appeal to the world for recognition
of yet another genocide in the world, is scheduled to take place in
Montreal, Canada on Jan. 16, 2010. Many political prominents would be
present to have deeper understanding of the 25-year-old occurrence.
"Sikhs For Justice" a US-based organization is facilitating the event
in association with most Sikh temples of the Montreal area.

January 1, 2010 -- World history testifies, genocidal onslaughts have
many a times hexed entire communities of an ethnicity in cold blood.
Surely, the international community then stands obliged to
precipitate action to force the executors and operatives face
justice. Amnesty International has soldierly joined Sikhs to say
"those found guilty of SIKH Massacre of 1984, should be punished".

Pope John Paul 11 rightly remarked once that even if one individual
is done with in pogroms intent, a preempt genocide is deemed to have
been committed.

Therefore, to remind the world in general and the governments of
Canada, America, Europe in particular about the continued denial of
justice to the victims and survivors of Nov. 1984 Sikh Massacre of
more than 30,000 Sikh men, women and children, major Sikh
organizations of the province of Quebec (Gurdwaras Guru Nanak Darbar
In., Greater Montreal Inc., St-Roche and G. Quebec Inc) will jointly
hold a commemoration in association with 'Sikhs For Justice' on Jan.
16, 2010 at 419 St. Roche, Park Extension, Montreal, Qc. between
1300hr and 1600hr.

The undersigned is privileged to extend greetings to all, on behalf
of Sikh Community for a joyous New Year, while requesting
participation and press coverage of the above commemoration, also at
the same time sharing views of the audience; Sikh Community will appreciate.

Chattar Singh Saini

For info. call 514 808 9365

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