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Community Help Required: Fathers Plea For The Future Of His Talented Son


Jun 1, 2004
Gurfateh Ji!

Got this email from one of our SPN'ers, if any organization may be willing to sponsor or can guide/help the person in molding the future of his son, his efforts would become worthwhile... you can contact us by clicking here...

Here goes the message...



Waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh.

Respected Sir,

From you site came to know that you people are helping the poors to survive and to achieve his GOAL IN life.

I would like to inform your goodself that I belong to very poor family. My only son Named Jagpreet Singh Khanna aged 17 years student of class XII who from his very early life from the age about 6 years is very much found of singing Gurbani Kirtan. Now at this stage he is a perfect Gurbani kiran gayak having own jatha named Bhai Jagpreet Singh Khanna (one sidist, one tabla companion) perfectly playing harmonium and participating in various kirtan darbars throughout delhi and neighbouring states.

We people are very poor and we are unable to buy the harmoniums and tabla set for his jatha. On every occasion we have to borrow the harmoniums and tabla I am working in a private company and earning only hand to mouth. I wanted to record my son's shabads in a well known CD recording studio. I have to spend for his education also.

I shall be highly thankful to you if you kindly do a favour and direct me the way from where I can get financial help for my poor telented son.Because this is only time when we can make him famous ragi.


NEW DELHI-110018



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
This is what is called a "shot in the dark." Can we contact Raj Academy of Asian Music in UK to see if they have either the resources, and if not, do they know where to go for help?

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