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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by swarn bains, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. swarn bains

    swarn bains United States
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    Apr 9, 2012
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    Love; It is attraction of mind? There are two types of love

    Worldly love, it is attraction with a purpose. Once the purpose is achieved, it ends

    Godly love or true love is attraction of mind of the unseen. Neither the unseen is seen nor does it end. It is selfless. Enticement is reward of godly love. Love is one track minded. It is simple, pure but complicated and hard to achieve. It changes the state of mind. If you enjoy it, do not change course

    Humility; It teaches respect for others. It makes you to listen to each and every lesson intently. It makes you humble the servant of servants

    Dedication; It teaches commitment.

    These commandments are pre requisite to become divine.

    Patience; Slow and steady wins the race. It increases faith and confidence

    Praying; teaches practice, sincerity, love and regard

    Slander; The slanderer wants what the others have and cannot achieve it so he slanders, he further destabilizes his own mind

    but slander teaches a good person to correct his mistake.

    Duality. double minded. Not believing. no faith, doubt whether right or wrong.

    The mind cannot think right because he does not believe it. If a devotee sits next to guru and follows his lesson perfectly and practices. If he has doubt about right or wrong or teaching of the guru, the devotee does not achieve anything.

    Do everything to the best of your ability. It gives peace of mind.

    Do not misguide anyone.

    Lust; Doing anything excessive, it takes over the mind to perform more than the mind can handle and destabilizes it

    Anger; it makes you forget who you are and makes you get out of control.

    Greed; makes your mind to run wild on false achievement and do illicit deeds to obtain what you want.

    False love; pretending to be in love but the mind does not accept it. It is outward attraction

    Ego. A person believes that he is above all. That separates him from the society and makes the mind dirty

    Stay within your means. Believe in moderation. This way the mind does not wander allover for any reason

    Pain and pleasure are the state of mind. Do not long for one more than the other. Endure both the same way and the mind will remain stable.

    God is omnipresent. He abides in every soul. So if you hurt anyone, it hurts God also. As God abides in you as well, eventually you will also feel that pain. Therefore think before you hurt anyone.

    Hardship is part of life. Do not get disappointed.

    Truth. Always speak the truth. It comes from the heart and helps to cleanse it

    Be thankful to what you have and more thankful what you do not have, because it will disturb your mind otherwise.

    Body gets dirty by outer environment. It can be cleansed with soap and water

    Mind gets dirty with inside performance. It can only be cleansed by guru’s blessing and your dedication to his teaching.

    Treat others as you want to be treated.

    You are for the world and world is for you. You do not have to give up the world but control your mind and use the worldly wealth sensibly following guru’s teaching.

    Heaven and hell are inside your mind. How you feel inside is heaven or hell, pain and pleasure, nothing else

    Every mind is created different and thinks its own way.

    Think and speak. It can come back and haunt you. Respect all. Make honest living and help the poor. Never give wrong advice to anyone. It will hurt you more than the other person.

    It is called human code of conduct which we inherited at birth but lost getting involved in worldly miracles. Process of recovering code of conduct is called faith or religion. It is a function of body and brain.

    All above commandments stabilize the mind. Stable mind is necessary to proceed further and it helps to straighten the mind.

    Spiritualism is study of mind. It is function of mind and soul. It starts when faith or religion and code of conduct end. Spiritualism is thinking of mind in order to straighten it.

    Godliness is a process to straighten the mind.

    Guru is messenger of God. The guru guides devotee’s mind.

    As magnet straightens the molecules in iron and makes it a magnet. Same way the guru straightens devotee’s mind and makes the devotee godly.

    The guru can read your mind. He adds culture in devotee’s mind only if he thinks the devotee has earned and deserves it. Milk does not curd without culture, same way the mind does not straighten without adding culture by the guru. Guru’s teaching is the culture. The devotee has to follow his teaching wholeheartedly, otherwise it has no affect. Remember; godliness cannot be taught. It is only learned with love, devotion and self surrendering to the guru. Once the guru adds culture and the devotee follows his teaching sincerely, then the devotee can worship anything such as an idol or a faith but enshrining guru’s picture in the mind. Guru’s picture stops the mind from wandering. Guru’s picture enshrines in devotee’s mind only if the devotee has utmost respect for the guru and loves him.

    Guru does not expect anything in return. If the guru has any worldly demand, he or she is not a true or divine guru. One should not follow him.

    There are many systems and faiths the society follows to become divine. God is one and finally there is only one way to become divine and merge in him. Doing all kind of worship; people only prepare themselves to be able to absorb guru’s teaching. When they realize then all merge in the real and final process that is through the guru. When humans realize it they follow guru’s teaching and become divine. The guru transfers divine knowledge telepathically. It is possible only if devotee has prepared himself and ready for it.

    God is one. People call him with many names such as God, Allah, Ram, Wahiguru. The name keeps changing. What does not change is the guru the teacher? Enshrining guru’s picture in the mind and following his teaching the wandering mind stops wandering and the name you have adopted merges in your soul and that is the essence.

    The devotee has to love his guru and have utmost respect for the guru in order to tune his mind to guru’s teaching and absorb the knowledge and become divine.

    Guru is God. Accepting guru as God increases respect and love for the guru in devotees mind and it increases absorption of guru’s teaching in the mind and the devotee visualizes God through guru’s teaching in his own mind and enlightens.

    At this stage me and mine is eliminated and mind says you you you o beloved you only

    Enlightened mind becomes satisfied forever. It is beyond daily questions and answers, worries, happiness. In other words beyond instability of mind, push pull of mind, just tuned to you you you only you my beloved! That can only happen by following guru’s teaching and following to the best of your ability. Guru’s teaching is for you and you only. Do not try to guide others till you have learned and absorbed guru’s teaching. Do not follow dual path like a guest in two houses at the same time goes hungry.

    Recite God wholeheartedly through guru’s teaching and blessing. Accept the guru as God and have faith in him and become divine.
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