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UK Comic Book On Guru Nanak To Be Released In December 2011


Sep 8, 2011
April 15, 1469, three hours before dawn, the village of Talwandi, about forty miles south-west of Lahore witnessed the birth of one of the greatest spiritual leaders of all times. When the child was born, a flash of light filled the home of Mehta Kalu Bedi and wife Tripta. And when he took his first breath, the child gently laughed like a saint.

India of the 1400s was in the grip of religious orthodoxy and empty ritualism. Society was crippled by infanticide, child marriage, subordination of women and a rigid caste system.

Guru Nanak became the harbinger of social change, and spiritual and religious enlightenment. Deeply spiritual from an early age, he attained enlightenment around the age of thirty and travelled for 23 years to as far as Sri Lanka, Tibet and Mecca to spread his message. He stressed the omnipresence of the One God, importance of love, equality, compassion and community service. is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the comic book on Guru Nanak. First in a series of five, this covers the period from his birth till his enlightenment.
Script: Daljeet Singh Sidhu, Art: Amarjit Virdi

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