Claremont Lincoln University Launches Center For Sikh Studies


Aug 17, 2010
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Ceremonial Siropas were presented. Seen above: Harbhajan Samra, Dr. H. Sahota, Rev. Dr. Jerry Campbell, Dr. Phillip Clayton, Sir Eldon Griffiths, and Harry Sidhu.

CLAREMONT, Calif., United States
Claremont Lincoln University educational leaders were joined Feb.1 by members of the Southern California Sikh community and over 60 specially invited guests to inaugurate the Center for Sikh Studies (I-W, Jan. 11), which will raise awareness, recognition, and understanding of Sikhism.

The need for creating further awareness about Sikhism in this country was envisioned by Dr. H. Sahota, a world-renowned Indian American cardiologist, and Harry Sidhu, Orange County Water District director and former Anaheim mayor pro tem.

The launch ceremony was attended by Sir Eldon Griffiths, former Member in Parliament and cabinet minister from the UK. Harbhajan Samra presented ceremonial siropas to Griffiths, university president Dr. Jerry Campbell, and university provost Dr. Phillip Clayton as a special honor on the occasion.

Sahota and Sidhu were presented with commemorative university mugs as a symbol of the continuous hospitality the Sikh community will receive from Claremont Lincoln University, which was also presented with two renditions of the first and tenth gurus, the founders of Sikhism.

In his closing remarks, Sidhu requested continued support from the Sikh community to help sustain and advance the center in achieving its goals of being able to offer two or more Sikh studies courses per year, and the hiring of more faculty to be able to offer an accredited Master of Arts degree in Sikh Studies, among other initiatives.

Sidhu reiterated that all dedicated gifts will be used for the center’s activities, with a full accounting of all gifts to be given not less than once per year. He also mentioned that through ongoing donor support from the Sikh community, the center will be able to gain nationwide recognition as a forum for promoting Sikh values and Sikh scholarship.