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India Civil Society Members To Check Supply Of Drugs

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Civil society members to check supply of drugs
Gagan K Teja/TNS

Patiala, January 7

To check distribution of free drugs and liquor in the assembly elections, the Civil Society against Drugs (CAD), Punjab, under the leadership of senior advocate HS Phoolka, would appoint two representatives of the organisation in each district to ensure that none of the candidates indulge in distribution of liquor and other drugs to woo voters.

Advocate Phoolka alleged that distribution of drugs during elections had actually made youth fall prey to this evil and therefore the society would ensure that this practice should be shunned. He said, "Our members will personally visit all the constituencies to convince candidates that they should use their popularity to apprise people against this evil."

Making a request to the people to help for the cause, he said that people could either carry out a sting operation with their mobile phone, click pictures of candidates and their close aides indulging in this practice, or record conversations pertaining to the distribution of free liquor and drugs and bring them to the society. "We will not only reward the helper but also complain to the Election Commission (EC) and pressurise for cancellation of his nomination and if need arises, we will also file a petition in the High Court," added Phoolka.

He further said that they already had a word with the EC and they had assured full cooperation to the society. They said they would take very speedy and strict action against the defaulters so that this practice could be totally curtailed.

Meanwhile, the society also released the publicity material, including stickers and pamphlets, on the occasion. They also gave two helpline numbers- 09779747474 and 09872959595 which could be used to file complaints.


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