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Chit Chetey Chetna


Nov 5, 2010
Focus on Shabad Chet

Chet To realize , to imaginiz.

Chetan What is realized.
Chit Imaginative plane
Chitr Images on Imaginative plane
Chitr Gupt Imaginative is Hidden

So there was old concept that there is account of hidden imagination.

Gurbani Says Connect to ONE who has blessed imaginative plane, and who forms the image and not get attached to imagination and account of hidden imagination.

But with innovation and technology one shall understand chitr gupt is no more gupt and accounts of imagination are with Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp.

But ONE is connected, so when YOGI was talking of doing exercise for Sudarsha Chakra

Quest was Is it about awareness of imaginative plane and cleansing of imagination. It requires awareness or ritual of physical exercise. It was answered with Silence with no words.

It is a choice between followance of OLD and NEW. Any new research has review all the previous. Researches can understand this.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
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