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USA China Is Ripping America: Donald Trump


Apr 4, 2005

NEW YORK: Billionaire American real estate mogul Donald Trump, who is "seriously considering" about the possibility of making a Presidential run in 2012, has slammed China’s " unfair trade policy" and made digs at the way US was conducing business with Beijing.

" China is just ripping this country (the US) like nobody has ever ripped us before and we don’t have our talented people... we don't use our great business people to negotiate. We use some diplomat," Trump told Fox News.

"I do a lot of business with China and I'm not knocking them... if you can get away with something you do it. The Chinese come over and tell me that they can't believe what they're getting away with," he added. Trump, 64, was speaking after the American media reported that residents of New Hampshire received calls in September asking them if Trump should run for president as a Republican candidate in 2012 but he says he didn't commission the poll.

The Apprentice host said one the reason he is now considering running for president is to change present policies, which could cost the US its position on the world stage. "You try doing business in China its impossible ... and yet they come over here and they make everything... the problem is that we don't make things anymore... we make it in China and other countries and we really have problem," he said.

The business tycoon also blasted the US government for putting up with China's "unfair trade" policies. "I love the concept of free trade but not unfair trade and that's unfair trade... what they do with us is unfair trade... you can't do business in China... you can't go there and even open up a store in China and yet they come here and they take over the place," Trump said.

"We're no longer respected the way we used to be respected and if we keep going like this then China is going to overtake us in 10-12 years easily," he added.


Apr 4, 2005
I want to know form people from USA what kind of person Donald trump is.I think in this article he is speaking sense.Is he good future candidate for US President?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Kanwardeep Singh ji

Let me give a rushed and somewhat superficial reply, as I would need more time to look into the background issues he is talking about. But here it is.

Donald Trump the person is a notorious skirt-chaser, who has married and divorced several times, to women much younger than himself. His divorce from Yvonna his first wife earned him fairly a reputation for being someone who had no difficulty dumping the woman who helped him build his empire. No longer useful to him, and obviously getting older, she could be traded in for what some refer to as "lemon tarts."

Whether or not a person's moral life should be counted in to their ability is fair argument. What I am a little dismayed by is this comment.

You try doing business in China its impossible ... and yet they come over here and they make everything... the problem is that we don't make things anymore... we make it in China and other countries and we really have problem," he said.
Donald Trump knows the answer to this. Or he should if he wants to be president. The US lost its standing as a producer of manufactured good years ago. The last bastion of wealth creation through manufacturing is in defense related industries. High taxes on business and extensive regulation of business caused this to happen. He is playing to the conservatives base of voters who would like high tariffs on imports and virtually no regulation of business, NONE. Make a list. The problem with low taxation and no regulation of business is that you get Bhopal (where a pittance was paid to victims, no one went to jail, the whistle blower reporter did go to jail, and Union Carbide dissolved leaving Dow chemical with no legal obligation to set things straight). You also get the recent Mexican Gulf Oil Spill (where existing regulations were gleefully ignored in spite of BP's 10 year record of unsafe practices).

Let me also suggest that he knows, as the world knows, that China has a perfectly lousy record as far as business ethics are concerned. Environmental regulation for example is a low priority. So his pitch boils down to this: China is playing dirty. So should we. What he doesn't get is that the Chinese are simply taking advantage of a long series of economic developments in the US that the US created. Or maybe he does get it, but thinks the voters would not.
K. Singh ji,


When trump is not running hotels and casino businesses into the ground he usually pins himself up as a television personality, a really annoying one, with bad hair.

to keep up his television ratings he floats out news, just like this, every now and then to keep himself in the media loop. He will never run on a republican ticket for president. Why? because he knows he hasn't got a chance in hell of winning a primary let alone anything in a general election against a powerful incumbent president, Obama. (nil political or legislative experience to boot)...the last person who was not a career politician (ei, never a governer, congressman or senator) to win the presidency was probably Eisenhower and he was a retired five star general that had led american forces during a world war. what the heck is trump? a horrible businessman that spent most of his life combing the streets trying to sell junk bonds to finance casino's that nobody wanted to visit.

Also, I haven't a clue what Trump is so angry about, what EXACTLY is the average chinese citizen "getting away with" or does he mean the chinese government? the same government that financed america's national debt piled on by none other than Trumps beloved republican party?

Republicans scream for lower spending and a lower budget for public programs until they get into power, then they spend quicker than drunken sailors and also decide to cut taxes and finance the debt from "investors", just like the chinese. (but you'll never hear this on fox business channel)

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