Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
Chile Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
UNITED SIKHS Aid Team continues distributing Hot Meals and Supplies​

SANTIAGO, CHILE: UNITED SIKHS joined forces with Langar Chile, a registered Sikh Organization in Chile, to provide langar (community kitchen) serving hot meals to Chilean families affected by the earthquake and tsunami that impacted the nation on February 27, 2010.

UNITED SIKHS AID International Humanitarian Coordinator LTC (Retd) Gurbachan Singh gathered several volunteers from Sikh Dharma Chile and Langar Chile to make an initial assessment of the specific and urgent needs of the earthquake and tsunami victims. Navigating through the country during curfew to meet with Chilean emergency officials, the team documented firsthand the devastation left in the wake of the natural disaster. The assessment was made after visiting the cities of Constitucion, Chanco, Curanipe and Concepcion.

After meeting with Mayor Hugo Tilledia Torres in Constitucion, it was decided that a base camp will be established at Constitucion to serve langar for those living in makeshift wooden camps as soon as possible. The UNITED SIKHS AID team returned to Santiago and within 2 days readied the necessary hardware for the field kitchen and food supplies. The UNITED SIKHS AID Chilean relief mission began on March 22, 2010 as the team successfully began the langar seva.

UNITED SIKHS would like to acknowledge Nam Nidhan Kaur and Langar Chile, especially Guru Darshan Singh, Simrat Singh, Gur Mantra Singh and Puran Singh who worked under the most trying physical conditions fighting dust and the lack of electricity to start and continue with the crucial langar sewa. Simrat Singh stated, “I feel blessed and most fortunate to be given this opportunity to serve Guru Ka Langar to fellow Chileans”. It was indeed most heartening to see that a small community of about 100 Chilean Sikhs could gather so many volunteers to help out in the mission. At the time of this report a container loaded with food supplies, tents, water and clothes from Canada is well on its way to the Eastern port of Valparaiso in Chile.

The UNITED SIKHS Aid team cannot continue to provide much needed relief services to those most in need, without the support of generous community members like you. Please consider donating to the Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami Relief efforts, so many more people can be provided the most basic services in this time of need.

To donate to the UNITED SIKHS Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami Relief, please visit UNITED SIKHS::Recognize the Human Race as One or contact a UNITED SIKHS office nearest to you.

To volunteer with to go to Chile for a field mission, please visit UNITED SIKHS - Volunteer.
To read more about previous work done by the UNITED SIKHS Humanitarian Relief project and see how your support has helped us change lives, visit:

Issued by:
Gurvinder Singh



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