General Chidambaram Wants Sonia To Be Super PM, Review Govt Work Every 6 Mths



NEW DELHI: Home minister P Chidambaram on Monday argued that Congress chief Sonia Gandhi should review the performance of the government every six months.

Chidambaram, while speaking on the economic resolution at Congress's 83rd plenary session, also said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should scrutinize the work in every ministry three times a year to see the pace of implementation of allocated work.

His suggestion that the Congress chief also evaluate performance of Singh's ministers may sound radical, considering that Sonia has so far assiduously refrained from interfering with government's functioning since she considers that to be the PM's exclusive jurisdiction.

Even though her disappointment with the functioning of several ministries is public knowledge, the Congress chief has relied on the meeting of the core committee that comprises the PM and senior ministers like finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, defence minister A K Antony and Chidambaram himself to convey her suggestions based on the feedback that she gets.

The restraint is attributed to her anxiety not to appear as meddling in government's work or do back seat driving. She has also tried to dispel the perception that the National Advisory Council under her leadership can emerge as the Planning Commission for social sector by readily heeding government's viewpoint even on issues dear to her heart, like food security.

Chidambaram's suggestion may appear to be out of sync with the spirit of the division of labour which had made the dyarchy — with Sonia looking after the organisation while leaving the PM as in charge of government — work without giving rise to turf battles.

Giving UPA-2 a higher rating over the previous NDA rule, the home minister said these two measures would surely give the government's functioning a new boost and instil urgency in the ministers.


Some days back I was discussing with some people here that Manmohan Singh is Yes maam man ,and many people don't agree with me.Now here is the truth India's second most powerful want someone outside Government to review performence of Govt.I was just recently hearing debate on this very same issue and the main points were raised were that there is not even a single big congress leader come in defence of Manmohan singh when he is attacked by opposition but when Sonia or Rahul is even slightly attacked every congress person tries to do his level best to defend them.Now the big question is when Pm is not respected in his own party or Govt then how is that person is capable of taking his own decisions ?