UK Check Illegal Human Trafficking And Unscrupulous Travel Agents, Pleads UK Based Sikhs


1947-2014 (Archived)
Check illegal human trafficking and unscrupulous travel agents, pleads UK based sikhs

Volunteers of Sikh Sewak Society International and some prominent Sikhs of UK while demanding to check the illegally human trafficking by Punjab based unscrupulous travel agents, disclosed here today while addressing media persons, that due to such illegal business many innocent girls from North Indian particularly Punjab are being pushed into prostitution in UK.

They submitted a memorandum to Police Commissioner Jalandhar in which they claimed that even UK police confirmed them that around 600 girls from North India were pushed into prostitution there for the past few years.

They also informed that many girls who are going on student Visa are getting trapped into this business in UK.

Rajinder Singh Purewal, Chairman of Sikh Sewak Society and who is also chairman of National Sikh Heritage Centre and Holocaust Museum, said that these travel agents in Punjab have been showing the rosy picture of UK to the young boys and girls in Punjab and alluring them for Student visas with work but the reality is different.

“After landing UK such girl students are not getting any work and then to survive there they are being pushed into prostitution,” he added.

Surinder Singh Purewal, who also remained general secretary of Singh Sabha Southall Gurudwara, said that he himself helped the girl students from Punjab and would even provide them shelter at gurudwara and also helped them to find jobs.

He urged the parents not to send their girls without having proper arrangement in UK.

Rajinder Singh Purewal said that they haled meetings pertaining to this serious issue in Uk also along with Sikh organizations, UK home department officials and even announced financial assistance of £ 60,000 for spreading awareness on the issue.

They said that it is quite painful and it must be stopped through proper awareness as well as checking illegal travel agents in Punjab.

Sikh Council has also announced help to those, who got trapped in this illegal business, to return home.