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Charitropakhyan, What Are Your Thoughts?

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012
There are Sikhs on both sides of the debate. Some believe this is actual writing of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, designed as moral stories, and others find it hard to swallow as majority of these moral stories seem to paint women in a negative light as deceivers, immoral and lustful while it paints men as mostly the righteous, moral ones. Some try to say that its purely symbolic for Maya (the female characters) while the male Raja etc are all of us (male and female both). However we can not escape the overt sexual nature of these writings.
It has been suggested that possibly they were written by court poets and approved by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Just wondering what are your thoughts? Please dont attack each other... realize people have differing opinions. I put this in this forum for a reason though... hard talk.

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