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Charan Kamal Ka Aasra

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by simpy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. simpy

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    (simpy previously Surinder Kaur Cheema)

    Mar 28, 2006
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    Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Sache Paatshah De Paavan Bachan Panna # 817

    crx kml kw Awsrw dIno pRiB Awip ]
    charan kamal kaa aasraa deeno parabh aap.
    God Himself has given me the Support of His Lotus Feet.
    pRB srxwgiq jn pry qw kw sd prqwpu ]1]
    parabh sarnaagat jan paray taa kaa sad partaap. ||1||
    God's humble servants seek His Sanctuary; they are respected and famous forever. ||1||
    rwKnhwr Apwr pRB qw kI inrml syv ]
    raakhanhaar apaar parabh taa kee nirmal sayv.
    God is the unparalleled Savior and Protector; service to Him is immaculate and pure.
    rwm rwj rwmdws puir kIn@y gurdyv ]1] rhwau ]
    raam raaj raamdaas pur keenHay gurdayv. ||1|| rahaa-o.
    The Divine Guru has built the City of Ramdaspur, the royal domain of the Lord. ||1||Pause||
    sdw sdw hir iDAweIAY ikCu ibGnu n lwgY ]
    sadaa sadaa har Dhi-aa-ee-ai kichh bighan na laagai.
    Forever and ever, meditate on the Lord, and no obstacles will obstruct you.
    nwnk nwmu slwhIAY Bie dusmn BwgY ]2]3]67]
    naanak naam salaahee-ai bha-ay dusman bhaagai. ||2||3||67||
    O Nanak, praising the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the fear of enemies runs away. ||2||3||67||

    humbly asking for everybody's Forgiveness

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