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Chairs and Tables In Langar Halls


Aug 22, 2020
Hi Sikh Philosophy,
I am studying religion in school and researching the question: 'What viewpoints exist within Sikhi regarding the inclusion of chairs and tables in ‘Langar’ halls?'

Here in South Australia, there is one Gurdwara that has chairs and tables in its Langar halls. Do you think this would increase attendance at Gurdwara or help Sikhism be accessible to more people in the modern world?

It would also be great if you could complete the survey below and/or comment your views on this below. It would be appreciated if you could forward this to other Sikhs!

Microsoft Forms

Thank you and have a great day!!

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
SSA Ji. Actually the Basic Principle is that all are treated equally and there is no discrimination. IN Gurus time Majority sat on the floor....and tables chairs sofas etc were very very few. In fact even till a decade ago Punjabis used to eat on the Charpayee Manja etc...Roadside Dhabas also have Manjas for the customers. Now only have PLASTIC Chairs and tables started to appear in village homes as they are quite affordable.
Tables and Chairs for dining are the norm in the WEST and as Sikhs and their Gurdwaras became affluent, Tables and Chairs have become common in Langgar Halls. In the 1990's a section of the Canadian Sangat decided to push an Agenda of..OUT with the tables/Chairs Programme to WIN Gurdwara Elections and in this attempt they got a Jathedar of Akal takhat to help them by issuing such an EDICT...this SCHISM then took the entire Sikh Diaspora by STORM....some Gurdwaras removed tables chairs..others REFUSED point Blank as they saw nothing new in this edict. As long as ALL the tables and Chairs ar the same height, same material, and "visibly EQUAL" serves no purpose to claim otherwise. The PRINCIPLE is being served...and those who insist on sitting on the FLOOR should be allowed to do so but they shouldnt feel Holier than Thou. No one is holier either seated on Chair or on the floor..HUMILITY is in the THOUGHT.

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