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Catholic Priest Fights Stripper For Daughter's Custody


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Catholic Priest Fights Stripper for Daughter's Custody

Florida parish is hit again with another salacious scandal

Posted: 2009-10-10 12:01:59
Filed Under: Latino News in English
MIAMI - The scandals for the Catholic Church in Florida seem to have no end. A priest who served in the same parish as Alberto Cutié has admitted he fathered a baby with an exotic dancer.

The story came to light a few weeks ago when Beatrice Hernández, a former exotic dancer at a Miami strip club called Porky's, claimed child support and filed a restraining order against David Dueppen, a Catholic priest

Hernández said they had met each other seven years ago in Porky’s, at which time Dueppen was not dressed as a priest. Hernández quit stripping in 2008 and is now the owner of a dollar store in Miami.

Dueppen took an indefinite leave of absence in August after reporting to his Archdiose that he had father a daughter with Hernández. .

Dueppen, 42, now wants custody of the little girl, Marilyn Epiphany Hernández. His attorney, Raymon Rafool indicated that Dueppen should have custody of the child at least 70 percent of the time and said "He has never denied paternity for the child and he would like to be very involved in the child's life."

The former priest, who at first denied being the father of the girl, rejected the domestic abuse allegations through his lawyer and is reportedly looking for a job.

Priest is my baby's father

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
This is the reason the Catholic Church should let the priests and the nuns get married. Going against the laws of nature does nothing but helps build self created pitfalls and we all know the results of these restrictions from all over the world, starting with molestations of young boys and girls.

How can one seek GOD, whichever way one wants to when the impositions against the laws of nature, which GOD created are imposed on people of cloth?

How can they guide the followers of the faith towards having harmony in the family when they have not been through those experiences themselves?

Tejwant Singh

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
This is the REASON why the Sikh Gurus..ABOLISHED all "priests..pandits..intermediaries" Between the SIKH and His GURU.
Seconldy the Guru Sahibs most strongly advocated HOUSEHOLDERS LIFE. All the Gurus themselves got married and led such a life...having children, getting them married etc and also taking care of the Spiritual needs of their followers. The GURUS actually started TWO "Langgars" ofr the body called Guur Ka Langgar and the Second for the MInd/Mann..the SHABAD ka Langgar. BOTH these were SIMULTANEOUSLY RUN. The Guru Ka Langgar was established to Actively and PRACTICALLY PROMOTE EQUALITY and Brotherhood among the caste ridden hollow fabric of Indian Society and the SHABAD d aLanggar was promoted to strengthen the MIND and Mann..that was why the Injunction of Pehleh PANGAT peechheh SANGAT.

Sadly..we have sections in our society that are so BACKWARD..they YEARN for the good old days of YOGIS, Nangeh saadhs, Naaths and Thaaths...etc etc.they yearn for the good old days that they could bestow Vaars and Sraaps as they wished to frighten or please their followers, .and so we have Sants/Brahmgyanis/saadhs/derawallahs like those at Nanaksar Thaath who actively follow BACHELORHOOD for themselves...totally against the teachings of Guru Sahibs.They practise vaars and sraaps, they sell gurbani like mantars and jantars toonnas, wish fulfilling jaaps, chupehr jaaps and havans and other austerities etc etc ALL of which have been soundly REJECTED by GURU SAHIB and continue to be REJECTED by the GURBANI in SGGS. Thus we have people like Ragi Guriqbal selling gurbani written so many times for this wish many wahegurus for that wish being fulfilled...his companion Ragi amandeep singh carrying out a PAKHAND called Chaupehra Jaap - four hour marathon jaap/kirtan etc for wish fulfillment/curing body diseases etc.And these pakhandis put themsleves in the feet of "Ambassadors tot eh Guru for the Sikhs"....we will do YOUR ARDASS for YOU !! is their sales pitch. The GURU says..DO YOUR OWN it doesnt take a rocket scientist to go figure out which ardass will be HEARD by the GURU..YOUR OWN..or the one you CONTRACTED OUT to a Pakhandi raagi.

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