Canada Canadian Sikh MPP Jagmeet Singh Denied Indian Visa


Toronto, 25th December

Canadian Sikh MPP Jagmeet Singh has been reportedly denied a visa to India by the Indian consulate located at Toronto, Canada. Jagmeet Singh stated that he had applied to be allowed an Indian visa on 15th November, the visa application was however rejected and sent back the next day. The Consulate General Mr. Akhilesh Mishra maintained that the visa-denial was actually directed by the Indian Ministry of Home and External Affairs and not by the consulate itself.

It is notable that Jagmeet Singh is the great-grandson of Indian freedom fighter Sardar Seva Singh Thikriwala and has relentlessly pursued the cause of the victims of 1984 Sikh genocide as well as the human rights of Sri Lankan Tamil community and the Tibetan people. Canada-born Jagmeet Singh has expressed his anguish at the denial of his visa though reiterating his stand on human rights as an integral part of his role as the elected representative of the public.

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This just shows the evil side of the Indian government no doubt about it they were thinking he was going to do this and that in India. I've never seen Jagmeet Singh and him speak, but my cousins are very good friends with him. I agree with him that he has every right to stand for human rights in India where the India Gov. He does an amazing job in Toronto with 1984 Sikh organizations that include having witnesses talk about the event and etc. He has every right to at least go to India. This is just plain sad.