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Canada Canadian Sikh Leads 'Drug Awareness Walk Across Canada'


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
To give a message to create awareness for Drug problem existing in every society first ever in the world " Drug Awareness Walk Across Canada" started on April 1st 2011 from St John NFLD to finish Mid- November in Victoria BC.

Team leader and DAFC founder Balwinder Singh Kahlon is joined at various times during the day by fellow team members Sandra Morrisey, Avtar Rehill and Sukhdarshan Singh Sawara. DAFC is a Non-Profit organization and has a vision to build a foundation that will educate and support a healthy, safe, drug and alcohol free life style. The Organisation Works together with community partners to prevent and reduce alcohol and drug related problems in Society. To create awareness and prevent drug abuse through education and outreach programs.

Balwinder Kahlon and DAFC team reached Toronto on Friday and received tremendous support from the community. A grand welcome to honour Balwinder Kahlon and DAFC team was organised in Sikh Spiritual Center also known as Rexdale Gurughar in Toronto.

Members of Southasian Media also honoured Mr Kahlon.

Addressing a huge gathering Balwinder Kahlon said "During the last few years the use of Drug and Alcohol is escalating in Punjabi community at large and in particular among the youths. More than ever young adults are engaging with the gangs to involve in the illegal activities. The increased use of alcohol and drug has caused variety of social, family, financial and health related challenges in the community".

He further added "We need to change our lifestyle and stay away from alcohol even occasional drinking can lead to various issues. He also said we need to spend more time with our families to exchange cultural values".Mr Kahlon attended various programs during the weekend.

Youth volunteer Ratanpreet Singh said " Balwinder Kahlon is a messenger of God and we all must spread his message of awareness and say NO to Drugs and Alcohol".

Since 2005 many Canadian youths of Punjabi origin have been killed due to their involvement in the organized crime. During 2006 the Punjabi community convened various forms and focus groups to formulate the viable approach to curtail the drug and alcohol use involving youth. After a number of community consultations it was decided to educate the community by organizing rallies, town hall meetings, youth seminars and through radio and television talk shows. In June 2008 the Drug Awareness Foundation Calgary (DAFC) was formed with its main focus on educating and informing the families, youths and seniors of the negative impacts of the drug and alcohol use. To date DAFC has organized and conducted various events, programs and activities for the community awareness.



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