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Canada Canada's Gift For Baby Sushmit's Firang Name (Foreign Name)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Canada's gift for baby Sushmit's firang name
Naveen Kalia, TNN

LUDHIANA: The visit of Rattan family, devout Sikhs, to Gurdwara Sahib in Model Town here on Thursday was special. It was to seek blessings on the occasion of the namkaran (christening) of a three months old member of the family ' Kevin! And Kevin was accompanied by his father Patrick, mother Jhonnie and elder brother Eric, 2, among others.

Confused? Don't be. Kevin is actually Sushmit Singh and Eric's real name is Asmit Singh. Patrick is Sarabdeep Singh. There is a Stephen and Smithy in the family as well.

All this courtesy some members of the family living in Canada and United Kingdom, who ended up making it a tradition of sorts to 'export' foreign names for their family members back in India. It all started with Sarabdeep, whose aunt Surinder Kaur, living in Canada suggested this name for him and his parents also approved it.

Advocate by profession, Patrick said that now such names have become a tradition in his family and everyone likes it. 'I also like my nickname. My school, college friends and now my professional friends call me with my nick name', Patrick added. As for Kevin, his nickname was suggested by his aunt Angela from United Kingdom and according to Patrick he has already started responding to this name.

Patrick said that Asmit's nickname, Eric, was suggested by one of his sisters, who is living in Canada. He said that when Asmit was born in 2006 his aunt had suggested several foreign names, but they liked Eric.
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