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Can We Develop Punjab? Yes Being Sikhs We Can


ik oankaar ||SriAkalJiSahai|| SIKH-HOMELAND DEVELOPMENT FUND what are you thinking after reading this name....... there is no fund with this name.. it just came to my mind. actually i was going through the websites and found there are lakhs of sikhs abroad .... thousands participated in Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtans the idea was in my mind since years but now i decided to put it under disscussion..... can we send up a fund from which we can pay off the debts of Sikhs residing in punjab the data could be collected from all over punjab along with related documents and then we can inspect the cases and pay off the debts by selecting cases on the basis of emergency and through draws. the funds can be collected without much burden on working sikh and punjabi community.. every year the fake sants and the so called helpers and fighter for cause(Politicians) bring dollars from aborad and set up their deras, construct big buglows, buy expensive vehicles and live like kings the same model we can use ..... every sikh and punjabi abroad pledge to submit 1$ per day or 1$ per week for the fund and this money we can use... i am here in Punjab... and with me i wish to have the younger generation Sabat surat Amritdhari Singhs from abroad we don't want any established politicians, or any organisational personalities.. i belive and i am confident enough that by grace of guru ji we the Khalsa Youth can do this job for better future of panth. Bhai Sahib Ji and Bibi jio from abroad plz respond wih positive remarks NO sayers plz excuse ....nobody knows how many breaths are left to be taken.... so all that we have must be put in service of panth..... we together can create a revolution and being sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji we must prove our Sarablohi Spirit and must show to world that even ordinary Sikhs can do miracles .. plz join hands [i would like to memtion one thing that the money collected may seem to be not enough in dollars to those staying abroad .. but .. after currency conversion to rupees its gonna make a very big difference] AKAL SAHAI Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa|| Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh||


khalsa jio, i am busy for one or two days and i am also desiging a website for this very idea of mine but i would like to mention here that: 1. fund is not about giving away the money, it has got educational and sikhi and human resource development aims as well 2. it won't be attached to any aprticular jathebandi or person plz give me two or three days to frame out my plans Guru Fateh

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