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Self Can I Play With Madness

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
This is now my last entry into this blog for a while, I have read a thousand books on how normal men become madmen, live a life that is enriched only by the self, without the need for either social acceptance or social validation. I have lived my life like the characters in the books I read, I am not quite sure what I achieved by it, but I did it, I lived it, however, I never read a book on how a madman becomes a normal man, more is the pity.

Herman Hesse once wrote,

The man of power is ruined by power, the man of money by money, the submissive man by subservience, the pleasure seeker by pleasure

maybe he should have added that madness also ruins the madman, that clowning ruins the clown,

I am looking forward to moderating for a while, a world where sarcasm does not really belong, so, unfortunately personality number 43765 will have to cease for a while.

Here's to growth for all of us, and the forum

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