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Call To All Khalsa To Come Forward. Please Save Sikhism!

Jan 16, 2011
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh
As you all know very well, presently the sikhi is in very critical stage. A lot of peoples are trying to uproot sikhi & sikhism but only few or countable no. of persons are trying to save sikhi. My present post is regarding this senario. First of all I apologise for few things –My english is very weak that I would not be able to express my real emotions & feelings in this language so plz try hard to understand the real feelings, also there would be lot of grammatical mistakes – I regret for that. I am a fool person & these are my personal opinions if anybody is hurted please excuse me.
Now come to the point I have seen a lot of person on various sikh forums debating each other on various issues and wasting their energy. I appeal to all such persons (who want to save sikhi) plz come to ground level and give you contribution there. Many out of you even don’t know what is ground level of sikhi now a days. As we know the KHALSA RAJ was very vast and after that during 1947 it remained only half or less than half of actual punjab and after that punjabi suba or present day PUNJAB. And things have not stopped at that. But now if you will stand on a road in punjab and examines the moving persons on that road, It is difficult to find gursikhs there. You can observe any road for five minutes and if you will exclude the old aged persons and only note young persons then you will find no gursikh at all or sikh with full flash hairs. But you will see jazzy b, clean shaven or other styled persons with babe di full kirpa written on their bikes a lot more. Now tell me if it is hard to find young sikhs in punjab then where can we find the sikhs elsewhere – I think in books only. If we try to remember about 40-50 years past in 1960’s time, at that time there were very few gurudwaras & size of buildings was also small. At that time there were a lot of gursikhs and they were symbol of protection. But now you can find gurudwaras after every half kilometer and many villages even having 2-3 or more gurdwaras. But it is difficult to find sikhs now. The sizes of gurdwaras also growing day by day they are growing in to big buildings (sorry for this word). If it would be possible to construct something on moon after 20-30 years then you will surely find a gurdwara there. So what this ratio tells us less gurdwara more sikhs and more gurdwara less sikhs. SIKHI PARCHAR is also very much since last few years. In the morning you can find dozen of channels telecasting Gurbani. So whats the reason behind this situation. Is our PARCHAR is doing positive effect and really reaching where it should reach to? Can things be changed? Can sikhism survive out of this condition.
Many says that when sikhs can survive the circumstances when there was price for sikhs head and sikhs were in jungle. For your knowledge at that time sikhs wanted to survive and they were having firm faith in SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB ji. Govt was againt them but they were united. At present also Govt is against acting like a slow poison ,but sikhs neither are united nor having faith in waheguru. They listen astrologist daily on news before starting their day. Sikh women believes in KARVA CHAUTH, keep fast. So how would they save sikhi. But in my opinion things can be changed and it is not difficult task also. But we have to use same methods which antisikh factors are using to destroy sikhi. They are doing everything scientificly. We also have to use same methods as snake venom is used as antidote to snake bite.
Now just imagine of a young sikh boy/girl of 15 years age living in a family, his father is gursikh doing nitnem daily. From where can he learn about sikhi. When he would tune to TV or his PC he would see a lot of punjabi songs, movies, serials etc. In all these he would see an old grandfather. Grandfather would be amritdhari doing daily path and in extremely worse/difficult/ill/sick or bad condition crying/weeping daily. Grandfather would be having two or more sons, one would be clean shaven sikh tying turban and other would be sikh with little beard tying turban. They would be drinking wine at night. Both of them would be having sons and duaghters . They (boys) would be full hair cut with good hair styles wearing colourful caps,riding bullet bikes or running cars. They would be chasing girls in college. They would be living very good & fantastic life with lot of money. The girls they would love is also from same type family (only grandfather amritdhari). Girls would be making eyebrows. This is common story of all punjabi serials/films/songs (you can also think for one minute by closing ur eyes before reading further). You will find a lot of such stories. NOW WHAT MESSAGE GOES TO THAT SIKH BOY who have watched this story over TV. He would think the Gursikh or who recites bani( grandfather in story) is in pain/ill/trouble because that have shown to him in story and one who is hair cut/ drinks wine is living a fantastic /colourful life. Now when he would see such things over and over on TV and also arround him in society (because in local society also you woud find only grandfathers as gursikhs and their grandsons as hair cut/passionate boys), so what he would do when he would be arround 20 years. Aswer is simple he would prefer to go to colourful life seen in story. He would give up his hairs and would become an example for other young boys(who are still watching story and neighbourhood). So this a scientific method I think you have understand what I want to say. It is like chain reaction of chemistry one person who cuts his hairs inspires three more and they three further inspires nine more. So more and more no. is growing daily. They are the victims of slow poison technique used by antisikh agencies. All punjabi singers /actors are hair cut many like sukhsinder shinda are worse than hair cut, they are like cancer in body. Many other deras and persons are also taking sikhs away from sikhism.
If really want to protect sikhi first of all you have make list of such elements – who are attacking sikhism-
1).Present day electronic media.
2).99.99 of punjabi singers/actors.
5). Sikh leaders/politicians.
6).Radha soami’s
7).Sacha sauda.
9).Many of our sikh brothers are also in this list (reasons are given further).
Now so many persons are trying to destroy sikhism but who is defending sikhs from their clutches. Except a few KATHAVACHAKS no body is protecting sikhi and they not using any scientific method to make their effect broad. Also they are not telecasted or banned in punjab (chardikla time tv banned over cable in punjab). Now how will they act against so many anti persons who are using scientific methods. And further we are divided in to DEHLI GURDWARA COMMETY, SGPC and many other agencies and their decisions are against each other. Imagine if Avtar Singh Makkar and P.S. Sarna both would be observing a sunset and if they would be asked is this day or night. Then Sarna would ask it is day and Makkar would say no he is wrong it is night, But they would not collectively ask it is sunset time. I remembered many incidence when a movie was given green flag by one commety but other said their should be some sensorship of this movie. One celebrates 5 Jan other 11Jan as Guru Gobind Singh bday. They are really insulting and damaging sikhism and giving you the slow poison. If a young sikh would see the movie ‘Singh is king’(name in so nice) he would see Aksay Kumar wearing turban type cap, It is like a slap on all sikh community (sorry for such words but it is reality). But our sikh leaders are busy in blaming each other. That is why I have written that a lot of sikh brothers are damaging us. They have not taken any lessions from past—Patiala state and others helped british to destroy KHALSA RAJ. They have read it a lot ‘DIVIDE AND RULE’ policy in books but not learnd anything about it, that is why they have also become victims. Lets forget that all and I’m giving you the real hope.
Our sikh population is of two types (divide it on age basis)—one group below 35 years of age other group over 35. Both have some qualities and some flaws. Above 35 or older group is having most of the Amritdhari sikhs. They can listen Gurbani Kirtan up to many (3-4) hours, they recite Bani, have full faith in God. But most of them are superstitious and they follow holi, lohri deewali, panchaks, good bad day policy all in anti to sikh principles. It is very hard to make them understand anything, or in other words they are firm on their beliefs and what they listen at kirtan they dont follow that. They throws flowers during AARTI while listening ‘SAGAL BANRAI FULAnT JOTI’. Actually they are the stones very hard to move. But younger or below 35 age group are mostly hair cut, clean shaven, most of them go to gurdwaras to see girls there (it is fact my dear reader, do your own research and you would be agreed with me), they go to Hemkunt on bullet bike for picnic there. They dont listen Gurbani kirtan for hours they got bored. But they have one quality they understand anything very easily and follow the thing what they have understand. They are not superstitious and dont want to celebrate old rituals (they follow only because of pressure of older group). They are very flexible and understandable. If anyone with good motivational/inspirational powers gives them good lecture (suggetions given further), THEY CAN BECOME GURSIKHS WITHOUT ANY SUPERSTITIOUSNESS. They are the stones which can be moved easily. Now tell me after 20-30 years which group would be dominating Punjab and our Kathavachak are preaching to which group. Even a child can tell the story is at the angle of 90. Kathavachak are giving lectures to older group because they only attend kirtan darbars (yougers mostly not attend these darbars if they attends they sleeps there with eyes opened). But older group is of stones that are immovable or hard to move. So the parchar is in wrong direction and further there are a lot of controversies which takes these young sikh youth away acting in chain reaction way given already.
1).DASAM GRANTH—Till date sikhs are not able to decide position of Dasam Granth. Some are in favourof whole of it while say their is some adulteration in it. But reality is that sikh masses are confused.
2).MEAT EATING— Many preachers say we should not eat meat at all but some others say we can it JHATKA meat. There are many debates on various websites but not having one conclution. Many young sikhs says the cell structure of carrot/potato is same as like of unfertilised egg. Plant cells are also alive, so why we are eating carrot/redish. They says curd is full of bacterias, but preachers takes glasses of curd (Dahi) and prohibts meat. In end sikh masses are confused what to eat or what not.
3).NANAKSAHI CALENDAR—As given earlier some have celeberated on 5 and some on 11 Jan the Bday of 1oth Patsah. But sikh masses are confused.
4).HEMKUNT—If i told you that the brand new car you are using was of a person who killed and robbed hundred of persons inside that car on daily basis and after using for ten years he sold it. And finally the iron/alloy was reused after melting to make a new car and your this new car is the same having the iron of that hundred person killed car. Now you would way I dont have any matter with that old killer car because I dont know weither it happened really or not. I likes my car and its present form only. So why we are going to Hemkunt or Dust Daman’s place, we have to matter with present form only- 10 MASTER. But it is a controversy—sikh masses are confused.
There are a lot of other matters but space is limited, Im writing very brief but topic is very critical so its going legnthy. Youngh sikhs questions about nail cutting, they says we should wear revolvers in place of kirpans. According to them kirpan was given for safety by guru not for symbol only, as many sikhs wears few cm.vestigeal Kirpans in hairs. Now the time is of guns so we should wear revolvers. They ask such questions. (Actually I do research when i met young or old sikhs. I want to check their taste. I am not a researcher dear but i likes such works). Youngh sikh girls even Amridhari want to marry clean shaven boys. Reason is what they watch on tv (grandfather theory).
But what our PARCHARAK doing they are affecting only above 35 age group that is mostly unmovable. And one more thing the word PARCHAR OF SIKHI is totaly incorrect bacause PARCHAR means expanding something. The correct word should be ‘SAVE SIKHI’ or ‘SIKHI BACHAO’ because the time for PARCHAR have gone far away, it is the time time for saving the identity of sikhs otherwise they are going to perish like dinosaurs in past.
Now come to point what we can do, what YOU (I’m asking you who is reading presently) can contribute. Everybody is having some quality- some can sing, some can write, some are motivators, some can contribute financially other can give moral support. If you have no such quality but you are having love for sikhi then that is above all. Just use your qualities and make a BIGggggggggggg group. People are dividing us. We have to stop that. Presently you can see there are a lot of sikh websites, sikh forums. Every site or forum having few thousand registered users, although they all are on different SIKH websites but they all are diversified. FIRST OF ALL WE HAVE TO BECOME ONE AND MAKE ONLY ONE BIG/MASSIVE/JUMBO/GAINT WEBSITE LIKE WIKIPEDIA HAVING DIFFERENT SUBSECTIONS LIKE FOR YOUNG,RETIRED,GURBANI,RADIO,TV,MUSIC,FORUMS etc. I just want to say now sikhs are one various platforums, they are not united, this needs new starting point and one such GREAT PERSONS WHO CAN DO THIS WORK. Remember India was more than 500 small states at the time of independence, but due to efforts of Vallab Bhai Patel it become one nation and UNITY IS THE BEST POLICY. If you all at net will be united overa single platform of one sikh website having different subsections, one sikh forum having millions of users then even JATHEDARS WOULD TAKE ADVISE FROM THAT FORUM. That website would be playing a great role in every topic related to sikhism and would be a real sikh platform. PLEASE ANY GURSIKH START THIS WHO CAN ACT LIKE VALLAB PATEL. (you can start it from your website also and can contact other website holders to join your mission. Remember in the starting you have to contact others but after two three years other sikh sites persons will cotact you to give them space on your jumbo sikh project. You will also have to contact some sikh newspaper and tv channel for punjab who can work with you after merging in your project. The organisations which will merge with you all have to change their name and such would become of single name under great umdrella like- khalsa news, khalsa retired sikhs, khalsa radio etc. They all would work under one umbrella, this only can save sikhi. You can work like Patel to unite such groups, just start it from your website.)
Second thing is for Kathavachaks plz use scientific tools. They give very high dose at first time that is unscientific. For making antidote to snake bite, venom is injected into horse blood but at minute level and then dose is increased day by day. Polio dose is given many times to make child immune. Antivirus softwares in our computers are updated regularly otherwise they would not do anything. What I want to say that instead of making DEEWAN in different places take a village and give your lecture/advise in deewan that would be first light dose. After one month make another deewan in same village give second higher dose to same people. And after two months make third deewan there that would be of full dose , you will see result. Take inspiration from BABA RAMDEV, he is from ordinary village but now everybody knows him, he is using scientific methods ,he makes the person laugh after every 10 minutes to make conciousness higher but our kathavachak can spent up to 5 hours without any laugh (only child cries can be listened there). Baba Ramdev asks persons few questions also and ask them to raise their hands or asks them to stand up who are agreed with Ramdev or who have given up drinking or tobacco etc. If somebody raises his hands after giving up some bad habbit, then they becomes the example for others. But in our sikh deewans our Kathvachak takes their copies and counts the no. of person who have taken Amrit Sanchar and says ‘’AA LAO JI HUN 100 PRANIYA NE AMRAT CHHAKYA HAI, HUN MERE CHHAKAYE HOYE 17542 BANDE HO GAYE, PAHLA 17442 NU MEIN AMRAT CHHKATA’’. But they will never return to see what have happened to these 100 persons who have taken Amrit Sanchar. After one month their no. would be only 10 (I’m sure). But nobody would be there to give them second or third dose. Nobody is going to ask them question why you have given up your Kirpans. Actually we should do research at this critical point and in second or third deewan should tell reasons to other peoples about why few person have given up Amrit. We should also ask persons (in 2nd and 3rd deewan)to stand up who have retained Amrit and are not doing bad things or who have given up drinking (due to effect of our first deewan) . If only 5-10 persons would stand they would prove good example for others, it would also act like chain reaction type if we use scientific methods (plz see Baba Ramdev’s latest videos over net and learn something from him how he motivates, I’m not his chela but his way inspires me). Prof. Sarbjit Singh Dhunda on Time TV given very good lecture about Lohri appealed not to celebrate Lohri, effort was very good and many people would have given up also. But it was unscientific approach because he have given up full dose at once ( I had recorded that programme and had shown to many Amritdhari Sikhs but no body stopped Lohri, even some above 35 age asking me ‘’Dhunda bhi apne ghar me lohri mana raha hoga ja dekh ja ke, lohri to sikho ka tyohar hai’’,but younger age group was agreed with Prof. Dhunda’s comments). Instead of reaching masses but we can start at a small village level, making one village good and Amridhari with little-little dose, then they will proove example to others.
We also have to make some songs, movies, serials showing Gursikhs in good condition (we can’t stop children from watching TV). We need sikh TV channel, radio, newspaper . We also have to make sikh warrior games,comics. Presently if we ask child-who was Bhagat singh,Udham singh or Rani Laxmi bai, they will tell you answer in two seconds. Again ask them who was Baghel Singh,Hari singh bhangi, chadhat singh, jassa singh. Then they dont have any answer. They dont know who was Mai Bhago, Who’s fault it is???children’s??? no it is not their fault, it is our fault who are just debating over sikh forums.
This work is not so big also and we would not need thousands of sikhs for this project (if they help they are welcomed). Remember only five gursikhs are Roop of Khalsa, they can do anything. Plz come forward and make a project. Forget about money because it the only quality which both sikh groups younger and older posses. Every sikh will help you financially wether he is poor or rich it is their inborn quality. If you want to run fast, you have to start from slow and steady state. Car always start from first gear. So forget about anything and just start something to unite sikhs. And if you are not going to do something now to save sikhi, then after 30 years you will see the movies on Tv with characters playing the role of sikh GURUS and movie names would be like ‘’NANAK BEDI’s JOURNEY TO RUSSIA’’, LION KILLING AT POUNTA BY GOBIND SODHI’’ (sorry for such words for my GURU SAHEBAN, but people are using word such as mai bhago waraich, baba budda randhawa, deep singh sandhu, mani singh dulat and calling other matrymonials as sharma, verma etc.) . But it would happen in near future and we all will be just debating over sikh forums. Plz come out of sleep please, I request you all. Everybody have to die one day, our days are so small, spend your days for something good.
If anybody out of you have feeling to save sikhi and some pain in brain and agrees with any of my views then plz do one thing right now. Take a blank paper, a sketch pen or marker pen. Stick that paper in your room or from where you can observe that daily and write over that paper ‘’Waheguru please give me the power to do something for sikhi. I have to do it in any circumstances. My aim is to save sikhi’’. Then write down date and make your signature beneath. You can also write it over your mirror with permanent marker. This would remind you daily your mission. As i know feelings in your brain for sikhi will be very high presently due to some hormones, but after sleeping for one hour you will forget everything. That is why I asked you to write in your room, they will not fade and remind you daily. It is same like when any of our close one dies then we start Gurbani daily because we are afraiding that we are also going to die soon, days are very less. But after 2-3 days everything becomes normal , we forget that and stops Gurbani with that extend. This is human nature. We have to use and cheat this. Now I’m not going further. In last plz come forward, every of you (yes it is you) have many good qualities ,please use that. LET’s BE UNITED. This is just starting not end.
If anyone out of you finds my article valuable, then plz do one thing copy paste it on other sikh website forum so that it can reach more of our brothers/sisters.


May 8, 2010
What you speak of is nothing new......... I was born in 1978 in the UK and out of all the sikhs in my year it was only me and maybe one or two others that had kept their hair. Nearly 30 years later almost all have cut hair now.

I do not think that there is a solution to the issues you raise since a debate will just keep on going in circles and more importantly the issues are not new.

I also have seen on Sikh channels how people are talking as if the issues are new and SIkhi is dissapearing but as I said it started a long time ago - you go to a wedding back in the day and you will so so many Singh in turbans and then when the party starts they talke of their turbans and shaver their beards off.... so just imagine what impact that would have on a young Sikh

Just an interesting point I will make, SIkhi seems to be revived when we are in trouble, so lets say we start getting attacked by Muslims then we suddenly seem to look at religion for guidance but in the good times we live in especially since the middle class of India is getting stronger they are looking for Western values and ideas (a dream)

I personally do not think you should waste your energy and try and save Sikhism because at the end of the day the World is cruel and no one cares as time moves forward..... the only thing you can do if you really want to help is be the best Sikh, hold the best position, basically be someone and show people what a Sikh is. Sheep usually want something to follow and if you can be a good example then people will follow your good Sikh ways.

It would be really pathetic if you waste you energy trying to save Sikhism when you are nothing as you will hold no respect to be able to lead.

Just my 2ps worth
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