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By His Grace

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    By His Grace:

    Everything happens under Waheguru Ji's command.
    Without Him there is no other at all.
    This Shabad is from SGGS Ji Ang # 231.

    Gauree, Third Mehl:
    Those who speak of the three qualities - their doubts do not depart.
    Their bonds are not broken, and they do not obtain liberation.
    The True Guru is the Bestower of liberation in this age. ||1||
    Those mortals who become Gurmukh give up their doubts.
    The celestial music wells up, when they lovingly attune their consciousness to the Lord. ||1||Pause||
    Those who are controlled by the three qualities have death hovering over their heads.
    They do not remember the Name of the Creator Lord.
    They die, and are reborn, over and over, again and again. ||2||
    Those whose guru is spiritually blind - their doubts are not dispelled.
    Abandoning the Source of all, they have become attached to the love of duality.
    Infected with poison, they are immersed in poison. ||3||
    Believing Maya to be the source of all, they wander in doubt.
    They have forgotten the Dear Lord, and they are in love with duality.
    The supreme status is obtained only by those who are blessed with His Glance of Grace. ||4||
    One who has Truth pervading within, radiates Truth outwardly as well.
    The Truth does not remain hidden, even though one may try to hide it.
    The spiritually wise know this intuitively. ||5||
    The Gurmukhs keep their consciousness lovingly centered on the Lord.
    Ego and Maya are burned away by the Word of the Shabad.
    My True God unites them in His Union. ||6||
    The True Guru, The Giver, preaches the Shabad.
    He controls, and restrains, and holds still the wandering mind.
    Understanding is obtained through the Perfect Guru. ||7||
    The Creator Himself has created the universe; He Himself shall destroy it.
    Without Him, there is no other at all.
    O Nanak, how rare are those who, as Gurmukh, understand this! ||8||6||

    gauVI mhlw 3 ]
    qRY gux vKwxY Brmu n jwie ]
    bMDn n qUtih mukiq n pwie ]
    mukiq dwqw siqguru jug mwih ]1]
    gurmuiK pRwxI Brmu gvwie ]
    shj Duin aupjY hir ilv lwie ]1] rhwau ]
    qRY gux kwlY kI isir kwrw ]
    nwmu n cyqih aupwvxhwrw ]
    mir jMmih iPir vwro vwrw ]2]
    AMDy gurU qy Brmu n jweI ]
    mUlu Coif lwgy dUjY BweI ]
    ibKu kw mwqw ibKu mwih smweI ]3]
    mwieAw kir mUlu jMqR Brmwey ]
    hir jIau ivsirAw dUjY Bwey ]
    ijsu ndir kry so prm giq pwey ]4]
    AMqir swcu bwhir swcu vrqwey ]
    swcu n CpY jy ko rKY Cpwey ]
    igAwnI bUJih shij suBwey ]5]
    gurmuiK swic rihAw ilv lwey ]
    haumY mwieAw sbid jlwey ]
    myrw pRBu swcw myil imlwey ]6]
    siqguru dwqw sbdu suxwey ]
    Dwvqu rwKY Twik rhwey ]
    pUry gur qy soJI pwey ]7]
    Awpy krqw isRsit isrij ijin goeI ]
    iqsu ibnu dUjw Avru n koeI ]
    nwnk gurmuiK bUJY koeI ]8]6]
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  3. OP

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    ArQ:- (hy BweI!) jyhVw mnu`K gurU dI srn pYNdw hY, auh Awpxy mn dI Btkxw dUr kr lYNdw hY, aus dy AMdr Awqmk Afolqw dI rO pYdw ho jWdI hY (ikauNik gurU dI ik®pw nwl) auh prmwqmw iv`c suriq joVI r`Kdw hY [1[rhwau[
    (pr, hy BweI!) jyhVw mnu`K mwieAw dy pswry dIAW g`lW ivc hI idl-cspI r`Kdw hY, aus dy mn dI Btkxw dUr nhIN ho skdI, aus dy (mwieAw dy moh dy) bMDn nhIN tu`tdy, aus ƒ (mwieAw dy moh qoN) ^lwsI pRwpq nhIN huMdI [ (hy BweI!) jgq ivc mwieAw dy moh qoN ^lwsI dyx vwlw (isr&) gurU (hI) hY [1[
    (hy BweI!) mwieAw dy pswry ivc idl-cspI r`Kx vwilAW dy isr auqy (sdw) Awqmk mOq dw hukm c`ldw hY, auh isrjxhwr prmwqmw dw nwm kdy Xwd nhIN krdy, auh muV muV (jgq ivc) jMmdy hn, mrdy hn, jMmdy hn mrdy hn [2[
    (pr, hy BweI! mwieAw dy moh ivc Awp) AMnHy hoey hoey gurU pwsoN (srn Awey syvk dy mn dI) Btkxw dUr nhIN ho skdI [ (Ajyhy gurU dI srn pY ky qW mnu`K sgoN) jgq dy mUl-krqwr ƒ C`f ky mwieAw dy moh ivc Psdy hn [ (Awqmk mOq pYdw krn vwlI mwieAw dy) zhr ivc msq hoieAw mnu`K aus zhr ivc hI mgn rihMdw hY [3[
    (ABwgI) mnu`K mwieAw ƒ (izMdgI dw) Awsrw bxw ky (mwieAw dI ^wqr hI) Btkdy rihMdy hn, mwieAw dy ipAwr dy kwrn auhnW ƒ prmwqmw BuilAw rihMdw hY [ (pr, hy BweI!) ijs mnu`K au~qy prmwqmw rihm dI ingwh krdw hY, auh mnu`K sB qoN au~cI Awqmk AvsQw hwsl kr lYNdw hY (ij`Qy mwieAw dw moh poh nhIN skdw) [4[
    (hy BweI! jyhVw mnu`K gurU dI srn pYNdw hY, gurU aus dy) ihrdy ivc sdw-iQr rihx vwly prmwqmw dw prkwS kr dyNdw hY, jgq nwl vrqx-vrqwv kridAW BI swry jgq ivc aus ƒ sdw-iQr pRBU ivKw dyNdw hY [ (ijs mnu`K dy AMdr bwhr pRBU dw prkwS ho jwey), auh jy ies (imlI dwiq) ƒ lukw ky r`Kx dw jqn BI kry qW BI sd-iQr pRBU (dw prkwS) lukdw nhIN [ prmwqmw nwl fUMGI sWJ r`Kx vwly mnu`K Awqmk Afolqw ivc (itk ky) pRBU-pRym ivc juV ky (ies AslIAq ƒ) smJ lYNdy hn [5[
    (hy BweI!) gurU dI srn pYx vwlw mnu`K sdw kwiem rihx vwly prmwqmw ivc AwpxI suriq joVI r`Kdw hY, gurU dy Sbd dI brkiq nwl auh (Awpxy AMdroN) haumY qy mwieAw (dw moh) swV lYNdw hY [ (ies qrHW) sdw-iQr rihx vwlw ipAwrw pRBU aus ƒ Awpxy crnW ivc imlweI r`Kdw hY [6[
    (hy BweI! prmwqmw dy nwm dI) dwiq dyx vwlw siqgurU ijs mnu`K ƒ Awpxw Sbd suxWdw hY, auh mwieAw dy ip`Cy Btkdy Awpxy mn ƒ (mwieAw dy moh vloN) bcw lYNdw hY, rok ky kwbU kr lYNdw hY [ pUry gurU pwsoN auh mnu`K (jIvn-jugiq dI shI) smJ hwsl kr lYNdw hY [7[
    hy nwnk! (AwK—hy BweI!) gurU dI srn pYx vwlw koeI (ivrlw vfBwgI) mnu`K ieh smJ lYNdw hY ik aus prmwqmw qoN ibnw koeI hor (sdw-iQr rihx vwlw) nhIN hY jo Awp hI isrjxhwr hY ijs ny Awp ieh isRStI pYdw kr ky Awp hI (AnykW vwrI) nws kIqI [8[6[
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