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But It Is Difficult To Accept Your Will

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But It Is Difficult To Accept Your Will

Jun 11, 2004
Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl, Seventh House:
Relying on Your Mercy, Dear Lord, I have indulged in sensual pleasures.
Like a foolish child, I have made mistakes. O Lord, You are my Father and Mother. ||1||
It is easy to speak and talk,
but it is difficult to accept Your Will. ||1||Pause||
I stand tall; You are my Strength. I know that You are mine.
Inside of all, and outside of all, You are our Self-sufficient Father. ||2||
O Father, I do not know-how can I know Your Way?
He frees us from bondage, O Saints, and saves us from possessiveness. ||3||
Becoming Merciful, my Lord and Master has ended my comings and goings in reincarnation.
Meeting with the Guru, Nanak has recognized the Supreme Lord God. ||4||27||97||

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