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Sikh News British Sikh Singer Is A Huge Success In Mainstream British Charts

Jun 1, 2004
Jay Sean (It is a stage name) has been having top ten hits in the British pop
charts with his R n B songs.


"A Sikh, Sean may not yet be fully practising ("When I'm 40, I'd like to have
the beard and turban") but still prays every night and goes to temple whenever
he can. The biggest life change for him so far, is trying to deal with the
attention he attracts."
Jul 13, 2004
I'll put it plain and simple: He is immature and annoying. I was especially offended with these lyrics from a song of his:
"You little pansy, you should have been called [named] gay porn"

It would be interesting to see how he would react to the statement:
"you little stinker, you should be asian"

Basically, if he wants to associate being a pansy with being gay, then this is homophobic.

Not a good representation of Sikhism at all...

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