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Brisbane Gurdwara


May 9, 2006
I went to pay my respects at Brisbane Gurdwara (Australia) this morning. It's a different Gurdwara in that the front door is about 5 metres away from Guru Sahib.

It is also the first Gurdwara I've visited that gives karah prashad when you just go to matha tek and there is nothing else going on. But, since I didn't know, I did my matha tek and went to leave and some men were trying to speak to me in Punjabi and luckily there was a young man doing some paath who told me they were trying to tell me to take the blessing, so I went up to the sevadar and he gave me some prashad. The young man said that if I was hungry I could go to the next room for breakfast.

I went back and said thank you to the older men and they gave me huge smiles and a nod.

Congrats, Brisbane Gurdwara, you're the friendliest one I've been to so far. :)

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