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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Its a bad week, and it just got worse, having been running round like a maniac all day, and having finally sat down to a microwaved lasagne, the phone rings, its my wife, she sounds quite calm, but Bran seems to have hurt himself, and they are in the middle of a field. I resist the temptation to ask the details, and run to the car. 10 mins later, I am looking over the field, I spot the copper red hair of my wife, in the distance, Bran seems to be wrapped up in her yellow coat on the floor. Having driven like a maniac for the last 10 mins, it seems the right thing to run across the field, ok, the last time I ran flat out was maybe 20 years ago, probably 30 years ago, by the time, I reach wife and puppy, Sian is laughing, but the puppy does not look so good. Bran is standing on 3 legs, which is not a good sign, I carry him back to the car, wishing I had not used valuable energy in running. One fast dash to the vet later, his leg is confirmed broken.I had to sweet talk the entire waiting room to let me in front of them, Sian and the vet speak about the course of action, he will need an operation, and two nights in. I catch the vets eye, he knows me of old, from his expression I know its going to cost more than Dan's recent operation, I come to a mental figure of about a thousand, I mouth the words 'thousand', he nods sadly, I nod sadly, Sian looks at the two of us, as we instantly change facial expression.

    I ask the vet if there is any need for expensive medication, he laughs and replies, oh theres always a need for expensive medication, we leave Bran with his favourite teddy bear, and his operation is booked in for tommorow. He is a brave little bear, and throughout the whole episode, only cried when the leg broke, after which, he was as good as gold.

    The house seems empty without him, normally at dinner, Sian watches tv, and I read the papers in the kitchen, surrounded by the dogs. They all wait their turn as I feed them, whilst eating, Bran tends to give my face a lick each time I feed him, he also likes playing hide and seek when its time for him to back to the living room, where the two puppies sleep,

    I actually cannot believe how cut up I am that my little dog hurt himself, but then sometimes I suprise myself, after Dans operation a few weeks ago, when they cut out a huge tumour, they rang me to say it was benign, and I burst into tears,

    The wolf is dark, sarcastic, fun to be, the clown is hilarious, uncaring, but not in a long time have I wanted to be a man so much as today, I think I did ok, next time I won't run
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