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Bran And Rory

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    When we first got the puppies, I was hoping that unlike all the other animals, I would be able to form a firm bond with them, as, although they animals love me, I know they love Sian much much more.

    Sian has been telling me for ages that Rory is 'prime' for attention, and has the potential to be a real 'mans' dog, of course, I have been too busy with wolfish matters to really embrace this, and there is plenty of time, but this was brought home to me yesterday as we walked the boys.

    Rory hates getting in the car, when he was younger, he used to throw up on the seats, so now, he just sits and waits for me to pick him up. As we walked towards the car, he kept pulling his lead to be nearer Sian, and as Sian got into the front and shut the door, he jumped into the back and scuttled into the front seat to be near her. As they ran in the field, I called them both, they both ran back, straight past me, and to Sian, even though I was waving cheese treats madly, as they ran off, Sian looked at me sadly, 'I told you, and you let the oppertunity go, but there is still time',

    I love the dogs, I love all the animals, I cuddle them and talk to them, but Sian, well, she really loves them, when she talks to them, she is really talking to them, and they talk back, using facial expression and gestures.As we got back into the house, everyone ended up in bed, watching 300, Dan was on the floor, Bran cuddled me, and Rory cuddled Sian, Dan then came on the bed in the middle of us, and just as I thought things could not get any more animal, Virgil the mad cat walked in, hopped on the bed and snuggled under Dan's belly.

    I looked around, muddy pawprints on the bed, doggy toys all over the floor, and Sian, looking like she could not be any happier. her eyes were closed, and she had her arms round Rory, with the other animals dotted round her, like Sian, all the animals looked happy, Bran looked at me, and perhaps feeling that I was a bit left out, hopped over to me, and started to lick my face, but was not like the lick he saves for Sian, this was more of a sympathy lick, he barked at Rory, who also came over and nuzzled me, and they they both looked at me, 'We love you dad, just not as much as mum', story of my life! blog_attachment-3.jpg blog_attachment-4.jpg
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