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Binary Symmetric Book (Holy Qur'an)


Mar 18, 2006

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Quran is the book of Allah that was announced by revelations to Muhammad (p.b.u.h), Prophet, in 23 years of his prophet hood. It starts with the opening chapter al-Fatiha and ended with the chapter of al-Nas. Since the revelations were made it has been transmitted from one generation to another by way of both in written and orally.

The exalted Allah regards himself as superior on mathematics stating in a chapter that:

And Sufficient are We as a Reckoner (Al-Anbiya/47)

In another chapter He states that his calculation is infallible:

Certainly, Allah is Ever a Careful Reckoner of all things (Al-Nisa/86)

By another chapter he let us know that He is the fastest in calculations:

He is the Swiftest among the Reckoners! (Al-Anam/62)

There is no wonder that He, who is very sure of Himself on calculation, organized a book that is called by His name in a way that it attracts attention of the people who have knowledge about mathematics.

We are observing the transcendental knowledge of Allah on mathematics in every point of the universe. The human race makes use of mathematics as it studies substance. The wondering admiration of mankind that it feels for its Creator has been increased as it has figured out the art that has been engraved in everything created by Allah.

Why dont we make a similar kind of investigation which we have made on his creatures also on his Book which was sent by the same Essence? This study herein has been prepared by setting out from this starting point.

Symmetric Book 1 constitutes some part of the studies that we have made in this field. As the expression of symmetric is the result of our mathematical researches on the Holy Quran it is the specification which was used by Allah who sent the Holy Quran by himself for his own book at the same time:

Allah has sent down the best Statement as a binary symmetric book. The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it. Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah. He Guides therewith whom He wills; and whomever Allah sends astray, for him there is no guide. (Al-Zumar/23)

Binary Symmetric Book 1 consists of establishments at a level so that everyone whether is on good terms with the figures or not can get benefit. The analyses were performed by only using the four arithmetical operations. Any result that is an outcome of advance mathematics is not included in this book on purposely.

Surahs which are regarded as randomly sorted at the first glance expose an extraordinary order according to the investigations. A stupendous numerical construction is seemed to be hided behind the scene as dispersed as possible.

Responding the number of ayats of the surahs which are seemed to be dispersed randomly, to different numerical analysis and exposing a symmetric balance every time, consist of the appearance of the existent relation between the numbers. Although we do not know what sort of a relation is this and how it has been constructed yet, we can observe the results clearly.

The possibility of the establishment of this incredible harmony of various numbers of the 114 surahs, by someone during the time when Holy Qur’an had sent down is meaningless; since such mathematical approaches are not known by anyone in the world during that time.

Only Allah is left, who had sent down the Holy Qur'an and had undertaken its collection (Al-Qiyamah/17) and protection (Al-Hijr/9); Allah himself must have provided such an exceptional structure for His book.

One of the proofs is the clear declaration that was given by Allah about the numerical order which the Holy Qur'an contains as a book:
“Allāh has sent down the best Statement as a binary symmetric book.” (Al-Zumar/23)

The wording of the figures is simple and clear. If this numerical construction is just a hallucination that we have seen or wish to see, it is easy to ascertain this case: If there are errors in the calculations, then they can be figured out and that is it. This is not a fact that we are afraid of, just the opposite, the main purpose of this survey is to attract the attention of the people who has mathematical knowledge to Allāh’s book.

My belief is that, the ones who refer to the Holy Qur’an to check the symmetrical overlappings that were set forth will recognize that the determinations in the symmetric book 1, are only the visualized part of the ice-berg.

Topics of the Book:

• Odd and Even Numbers
• Surahs of which the number of ayats are greater than sequence number
• Surahs of which the number of ayats are smaller than sequence number
• Prime Numbers
• Sequence Numbers Set and Number of Ayats Set
• The numbers which are divided by two and not divided by three
• The numbers which are divided by three and not divided by two
• The numbers which are neither divisible by two nor by three
• The numbers which are divisible by two and three
• The numbers which are divisible by two
• The numbers which are divisible by three
• Sum of the Prime Factors
• Perfect Numbers
• Abundant Numbers
• Deficient Numbers