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Bibi Bhani Ji

Discussion in 'Sikh History' started by Aman Singh, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Bibi Bhani was daughter of Guru Amar Das, consort of Guru Ram Das and mother of
    Guru Arjan Dev, was born to Mata Mansa Devi on 21 Magh 1591 Bk/19January 1535
    at Basarke Gillan, a village near Amritsar. She was married on 18 February 1554 to
    Bhai Jetha (later Guru Ram Das), a Sodhi Khatri belonging to Lahore, then in
    Goindval rendering voluntary service in the construction of the Baoli Sahib. After
    marriage, the couple remained in Goindval serving the Guru. From Goindval Bhai
    Jetha was deputed by the Guru to go and establish a habitation (present-day Amritsar)
    on a piece of land gifted, according to one version, by Emperor Akbar to Bibi Bhani
    at the time of his visit to Guru Amar Das.

    Three sons, Prith Chand (1558), Mahadev (1560) and (Guru) Arjan Dev (1563) were
    born to her. A popular anecdote mentioned in old chronicles describes how devotedly
    Bibi Bhani served her father. One morning, it is said, as Guru Amar Das was absorbed
    in meditation, Bibi Bhani noticed that one of the legs of the low wooden seat on
    which the Guru sat was about to give way. she at once put forward her hand to
    support the stool. As the Guru ended his devotions, he discovered how her hand was
    bleeding from the injury it had sustained. He blessed her saying that her progeny
    would inherit the guruship. Bibi Bhani died at Goindval on 9 April 1598.

    Bibi Bhani was mother of Guru Arjan Dev, the Fifth Guru. Undoubtly Guru Arjan
    Dev was brought up as model GurSikh. Guru Arjan Dev was the first Sikh Martyr.
    Guru Arjan Dev compiled Adi Granth by collecting all the writings of gurus before
    him and installed it at Golden Temple, which is now The Guru Granth. Guru Arjan
    Dev completed the construction of Golden Temple.

    Article taken from these book.:
    Encyclopedia of Sikhism edited by Harbans Singh ji.

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