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Bhai Gurdas Ji - Vaar 1


Jul 15, 2012
Midwest, USA
Few weeks ago i was watching a space documentary about life in space. I was thinking about this shabad by bhai gurdas ji vaar 1 pauri 36.
So my question, is this shabad to taken literally or does it have an another deeper meaning. Hope someone can explain this to me.

Paatalaa Aakaaslakhi Aorhaki Bhaalee Khabari Sunaaee |
Meanwhile he (Baba Nanak) talked about myriads of netherworlds and skies.

Dhayri Duraain Dasatageer Asee Bhi Vaykhaa Jo Tuhi Paaee |
Pir Dastegir asked (the Baba) to show him whatever he had seen.

Naali |eetaa Baytaa Peer Daa Akhee Meeti Gaiaa Havaaee |
Guru Nanak Dev taking along with him the son of the pir, melted into thin air.

lakh Aakaas Pataal Lakh Akhi Furak Vichi Sabhi Dikhalaaee |
And in a wink of eye visualized him the upper and lower worlds.

Bhari Kachakaul Prasaadi Daa Dhuro Pataalolaee Karhaahee |
From the nether world he brought a bowl full of sacred food and handed it over to pir.

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