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Re: Bhagat Singh and the Khalistani.


when some one see Death nearby and is not the belver,then two options come
1.either die without fight.
2.Become belvier

As non belivers are there who commit sucide more.

By the way his book were writtan much beorfe he died.
Re: Bhagat Singh and the Khalistani.

"one friend asked me to pray. When informed of my atheism, he said, "During your last days
you will begin to believe". I said, No, dear Sir, it shall not be. I will think that to be
an act of degradation and demoralization on my part. For selfish motives I am not going to
pray. Readers and friends, "Is this vanity"? If it is, I stand for it."

--- Bhagat Singh ---

"In May 1927 I was arrested at Lahore. The arrest was a surprise. I was quite unaware of
(he fact that the police wanted me. All of a sudden while passing through a garden I found
myself surrounded by police. To my own surprise, I was very calm at that time. I did not
feel any sensation, neither did I experience any excitement. I was taken into police custody.
Next day I was taken to the Railway Police lock-up where I was to pass full one month.
After many day's conversation with the Police officials I guessed that they had some
information regarding my connexion with the Kakori Party and my other activities in connexion
with the revolutionary movement. They told me that I had been to Lucknow while the trial was
going on there, that I had negotiated a certain scheme about their rescue, that after obtaining
their approval, we had procured some bombs, that by way of test one of the bombs was thrown
in the crowd on the occasion of Dussehra 1926. They further informed me, in my interest,
that if I could give any statement throwing some light on the activities of the revolutionary
party, I was not to be imprisoned but on the contrary set free and rewarded even without being
produced as an approver in the Court. I laughed at the proposal. It was all humbug. People
holding ideas like ours do not throw bombs on their own innocent people. One fine morning
Mr. New man, the then Senior Superintendent of C.I.D., came to me. And after much sympathetic
talk with me imparted-to him-the extremely sad news that if I did not give any statement as
demanded by them, they would be forced to send me up for trial for conspiracy to wage war in
connexion with Kakori Case and for brutal murders in connexion with Dussehra Bomb outrage.
And he further informed me that they had evidence enough to get me convicted and hanged.
In those days I believed-though I was quite innocent-the police could do it if they desired.
That very day certain police officials began to persuade me to offer my prayers to God regularly
both the times. Now I-was an atheist. I wanted to settle for myself whether it was in the days
of peace and enjoyment alone that I could boast of being an atheist or whether during such
hard times as well I could stick to those principles of mine. After great consideration I decided
that I could not lead myself to believe in and pray to God. No, I never did. That was the real
test and I came, out successful. Never for a moment did I desire to save my neck at the cost of
certain other things. So I was a staunch disbeliever : and have ever since been. It was not an
easy job to stand that test. 'Belief' softens the hardships, even can make them pleasant. In God
man can find very strong consolation and support. Without Him, I man has to depend upon himself.
To stand upon one's own legs amid storms and hurricanes is not a child's play. At such testing
moments, vanity-if any-evaporates, and man cannot dare to defy the general beliefs, if he does,
then we must conclude that he has got certain other strength than mere vanity. This is exactly
the situation now. Judgment is already too well known. Within a week it is to be pronounced. What
is the consolation with the exception of the idea that I am going to sacrifice my life for a cause ?
A God-believing Hindu might be expecting to be reborn as a king, a Muslim or a Christian might dream
of the luxuries to be- enjoyed in paradise and the reward he is to get for his sufferings and
sacrifices. But what am I to expect? I know the moment the rope is fitted round my neck and rafters
removed, from under my feet. that will be the final moment-that will be the last moment. I, or to be
more precise, my soul, as interpreted in the metaphysical terminology, shall all be finished there.
Nothing further. A short life of struggle with no such magnificent end, shall in itself be the reward
if I have the courage to take it in that light. That is all. With no selfish motive, or desire to be
awarded here or hereafter, quite disinterestedly have I devoted my life to the cause of independence,
because I could not do otherwise. The day we find a great number of men and women with this psychology
who cannot devote themselves to anything else than the service of mankind and emancipation of the
suffering humanity; that day shall inaugurate the era of liberty. Not to become a king, nor to gain
any other rewards here, or in the next birth or after death in paradise, shall they be inspired to
challenge the oppressors, exploiters, and tyrants, but to cast off the yoke of serfdom from the neck
of humanity and to establish liberty and peace shall they tread this-to their individual selves
perilous and to their noble selves the only glorious imaginable-path. Is the pride in their noble
cause to be - misinterpreted as vanity? Who dares to utter such an abominable epithet? To him,
I say either he is a fool or a knave. Let us forgive him for he can not realize the depth, the emotion,
the sentiment and the noble feelings that surge in that heart. His heart is dead as a mere lump of flesh,
his eyes are-weak, the evils of other interests having been cast over them."
"Self-reliance is always liable to be interpreted as vanity. It is sad and miserable but there is no help."

"It is my mode of thinking that has made me an atheist. I don't know whether in my case belief in God
and offering of daily prayers which I consider to be most selfish and degraded act on the part of man,
whether these prayers can prove to be helpful or they shall make my case worse still. I have read of
atheists facing all troubles quite boldly, so am I trying to stand like a man with an erect head to
the last; even on the gallows."

Why I am an Athiest - Bhagat Singh

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Re: Bhagat Singh and the Khalistani.


Das jsut want to ask again that whyn in second last picture thier ins chain in his hands?

and say two way his writings can be.
1.Sent to his father some days before his death.

2.obtained by prison authoriteis after his death.

in case one there could some gap for his become beliver and we can not rule out.But das can say that it clould be a hoax as Sarbha or Uddham Singh did show some faith at end but that does not means for him.

2.Matter from prison aothroty can nver be aouthanic without invstigations as Baba Ram Singh's letter were used to divide Sikhs and Hindus aganst Muslims and Chrsitains by then ruler as under the policy of didvde and rule.
Re: Bhagat Singh and the Khalistani.


We don't see things the way they are.
We see things the way we are.

And say since when did the Hindu, Muslims, Sikh, Christians
become seperate races ??

If I am not wrong Guru Nanak did not
fall from a passing comet.
Nor was he born to a virgin mother.
How come Sikh are seperate race ??

Re: Bhagat Singh and the Khalistani.


Das can say at least one thing.

Treu Muslim is Haq Haq Agah Satge.

True Chrsitain in holy Ghost

True Sikh in jiavt Mukt sate.

all are one.

Das jsut repeats that only he behold Jews as branch of Aryan or Brahmins.And Jionism and fascism is over.

coming to Hindu das can find that Hindu and jew can not interconvert as they forsake Vedas or Old Tesetment,which proves that they are also one.

das could not consider this thing that Sikhs could be race at all as someone say martial race as Guru tells us to behold Race of Human as One(ie God).

And by this yes Guru Nanak was born from virgen as Lord Jesus.

Yes he was fallen into gruop commts.

yuo know who was his form then.

It was Lord Murugana,Subrmaniyam,due to been nursed by kritkas was named also by another name?

do you know that common name of that from in North India?

Stroy of Bhagat Singh being non beliver came into limelight after Mrs Indira Gandhi decalred emergency.

she got support from cpi ie communist party of India,who were in term dancing on the tune of USSR.

They overtook press(print media) and Eduactional institution.

Das in collage age fought with the help of Hindu brothers to stop false parpogandd of communsts but here das can say that supporter of Hindusim is singing thier tune.

And cpi is always false.and hindutva people do soetime join them but in Gurmat Damdami Taksal rather revetred various Naxalites into Gurmat.