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Bhagats Bhagat Preym Araditang English Kathaa


gUjrI mhlw 1 Gru 4
(505) Goojaree, First Mehl, Fourth House:
Bibi Har Simirat Kaur Khalsa
Guru Granth Parchar Mission of USA

siqgur pRswid ] One Universal Creator God. By The Grace of True Guru:

Bgiq pRym AwrwiDqM scu ipAws prm ihqM]
“The devotees worship the Lord in loving adoration. They thirst for the True Lord, with infinite affection.”
Here, Guru Nanak introduces in classical Sanskrit the qualities of a true bhagat, devotee. What is the purpose of being a devotee? Why do people choose to be a devotee, and how do they choose who to devotee their lives to? To what degree do people claim to be devoted, and how much devotion do they have? What deserves devotion? What entices people to be so devoted to whatever they are devoted to? How do they judge others that are not outwardly or inwardly as devoted as they are? Are all types of devotees truly benefiting from who or whatever they are devoted to?

The first step in becoming devotion is two-fold; the first is by acknowledging that something is lacking or missing in one’s life, and the second is that one becomes attracted to an unexplored object, person, or ideal. Which one comes first does not make the difference. Sometimes people think that they are complete until they are directly or indirectly introduced to something new. Others realize their emptiness and search the limits beyond for answers. They either stumble upon it through their own research or someone else has the grace to inform them. In either case, when one finds someone or something to devote to, they believe that this is the source of happiness, success, health, and total salvation from evil. When one becomes a devotee, that person falls in love to the point of total submission. The more one devotes of himself, the more appreciation and self esteem he thinks builds up in him. People are in love with what they believe in, whether it is how to make money, how to be beautiful, and how to have fame. People spend many hours a week devoted to their object, person, or ideal, because they thirst for infinite love; hoping to be made complete.

ibllwp ibll ibnµqIAw suK Bwie icq ihqM ]1]
“They tearfully beg the Lord; in love and affection, their consciousness is at peace. ||1||”
All people have the instinct to seek God for salvation. Man cannot live alone; he needs the infinite provider who maintains all of the natural laws of the universe to provide for him. hukmI hovin Awkwr hukmu n kihAw jweI ] “By His Command, bodies are created; His Command cannot be described.” (Jap Ji Sahib) One must to be devoted to the hukam of God which is responsible for all that operates. Begging and pleading God means to take time out to learn properly how to use God’s creation to be successful. When one decides he wants to be a doctor or engineer, he devotes many hours daily to learn and develop his skills. A new-born infant learns how to nurse with the help of mother and with experience. Some things are learnt faster than others. Some things require more devotion and patience to get the results. Sometimes the results come much later than expected. Successful living is all about devotion to truthfulness and patience. But not all things are worthy of lots of devotion, and other things should be totally avoided. All people have a devotion to something, and their goal is to achieve love, affection, and peace of mind. But if one continues to devotee himself totally to his five vices, he will be worse off then before. How does one find the right thing to devote to? How does one know what and when to avoid something? Guru Ji instructs us.

jip mn nwmu hir srxI ]
“Chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord, O my mind, and take to His Sanctuary.”
People enjoy listening to good music. They become entranced with the rhythm, lyrics, and melody. Not all songs are worth listening to, as some of them are full of corruption, brainwashing the mind. The only reason these songs are popular is because someone is making lots of money enticing and filling people’s minds with evil at their high costs. Guru Nanak has given for free the entire symphony of shabad Word of God embodied in the Guru Granth Sahib. So we should learn this symphony and keep it fresh in our minds. By doing so, we enter into His protective Sancutary, the sacha kand realm of reality. We become students (sikhs) by devoting ourselves to King Hukam of Almighty God. Learn the rules and be successful, having a fulfilled, highly spiritual and healthy life. Chanting Naam does not mean just to repeat God’s name over and over again. It also does not mean to repeat shabads over and over again. Chanting Naam means to learn what Guru Granth Sahib teaches, a little at a time, then keep this great information of success in our minds, and let it flow in our hearts, words, and deeds. We thus become the true devotee of God. And when we do this, we feel the difference, we become totally different people, Others begin to see the true beauty in us. They will either like you or hate you, depending on how much devotion to truth they have.

sMswr swgr qwir qwrx rm nwm kir krxI ]1] rhwau ]
“The Lord's Name is the boat to cross over the world-ocean. Practice such a way of life. ||1||Pause||”
Why does Guru Ji call Naam the boat that carries us across the world-ocean? If you don’t have something that floats, you will sink. If you ride on a boat with holes in the bottom, you will go down. So why not take the luxurious trip on the free Royal Cruise of Guru Gian. There is no limit how long and how far you want to travel in the finest cabins of royal langar dining of Gurbani, the exquisite furnishings of the honeymoon suites of ecstacy, peace of mind, and beauty. Everywhere we go, there is the world-ocean that is too vast and dangerous for us to travel alone. God does not want anyone to be alone. His cruise liner can be boarded anywhere at any time. All you have to do is want to be aboard, and God reaches out to you with his outstretched arm. All you need to do is recognize which is God’s and which arms are false sources of rescue. dUKu sMqwpu n lgeI ijsu hir kw nwmu ADwru ] “Suffering and sorrow do not touch those who have the Support of the Name of the Lord.” bwh pkiV guir kwiFAw soeI auqirAw pwir ]3] (44, isrIrwgu, mhlw 5) “Grasping him by the arm, the Guru lifts them up and out, and carries them across to the other side. ||3|| ” The great thing about grabbing the arm of God is that He will never let go of you, because truth is eternally stable.
ey mn imrq suB icMqM gur sbid hir rmxM ]
“O mind, even death wishes you well, when you remember the Lord through the Word of the Guru's Shabad.”
Everyone has a fear of death, but if one truly understood the science of birth and death as taught in Guru Granth Sahib, then one realizes that both are equal parts of the cycle of God’s hukam. An infant should have no fear to come out of the mother’s womb, and we should not be afraid to pass from this dimension of existence. Bhagat Kabir says’ Urvaar Paar subh eko daani,” and “chook gey fir avan jaani.” We must seek and dwell on truth as taught in Gurbani so that we can become devotees to the genuine source of love and happiness.

miq qqu igAwnµ kilAwx inDwnµ hir nwm min rmxM ]2]
“The intellect receives the treasure, the knowledge of reality and supreme bliss, by repeating the Lord's Name in the mind. ||2||”
People go to extreme sacrifices to find treasure, but the treasure of Guru gian is more valuable that life itself. Nature alone does not bring happiness and success. But the knowledge of how to use creation is the key to becoming complete, to meet God. Once we receive this divine instruction, we must never forget it, but always keep the instructions in our heart and mind. kyvl rwm nwm mnormM ] bid AMimRq qq mieAM ] n dnoiq jsmrxyn jnm jrwiD mrx BieAM ]1] “Dwell only upon the beautiful Name of the Lord, the embodiment of ambrosial nectar and reality. Remembering Him in meditation, the fear of birth, old age and death will not trouble you. ||1||” (Gujaree Shri Jaidev 526)

cl icq ivq BRmw BRmM jgu moh mgn ihqM ]
“The fickle consciousness wanders around chasing after wealth; it is intoxicated with worldly love and emotional attachment.”
People spend so much money to find happiness, yet they waste their time and money on false sources of eternal satisfaction. If I walk downtown San Francisco during the rush hour crowd and throw five million dollars in the air, everyone would stop where they would be going, stop what they were doing, and rush towards the money. People do all sorts of things, even corruption to make an extra dollar, and some of them already are super wealthy. Addicted gamblers lose thousands of dollars and never know when to quit. Well, life is a gamble. The wisdom you have is either false or true. And having true wisdom alone is no remedy, one must also act accordingly.

iQru nwmu Bgiq idVM mqI gur vwik sbd rqM ]3
“Devotion to Naam is permanently implanted within the mind, when it is attuned to the Guru's teachings in Shabad. ||3||”
When we learn things, sometimes we tend to forget; but when we learn through repetitions or isolated experiences we remember clearly. People blindly become attached to falsehood, thus making them addicted devotees of lies. When one discovers Guru Gian, he becomes enlightened and wants to learn more, and more, and more. He deeply appreciates the good news of reality and hukam, then he is hooked as a permanent devotee. But sometimes ego interferes, distracting our attitude and walk with God, suckering us into foolishness. It is very important for us to keep feeding on Guru Ji’s teachings, to learn something new from Guru Ji every day. Quantity is not the issue, but quality. You can read Sehaij Paath one hundred times, but if you appreciate the quality in even just one punkti verse a week, then your mind will be attuned to Guru Ji’s teachings, Naam will be permanently implanted, making you a devotee of truthfulness.

Brmwiq Brmu n cUkeI jgu jnim ibAwiD KpM ]
“Wandering around, doubt is not removed; afflicted by reincarnation, the world is being ruined.”
If we do not accept and taste Guru Ji’s direction of truthfulness, we will always doubt Guru Ji’s wisdom, denying the reality we live in. Trapped in our five vices, we will wander aimlessly in the infinite maze of reality, suffering progressively, and causing harm to ourselves and others. We judge birth as a good entrance and death as the worst thing to happen to everyone. But when you have Naam, you realize that death is better, for it means the end of sinning in this life.

AsQwnu hir inhkyvlµ siq mqI nwm qpM ]4]
“The Lord's eternal throne is free of this pain; he is truly wise, who takes the Naam as his deep meditation. ||4||”
God is not affected by natural phenomena. He is not subject to birth or death. God is always the victor. When we meet God, we have power and self control over our five vices because of Gur Prasad Grace of God, taught by Guru Granth Sahib. So, which business would you like to invest your stock in, one with a long history of bankruptcies, or one that has a long record of continual success? Why not invest in 100% proven success, Guru Granth Sahib. Waheguru Ji kal khalsa, wahegur ji ki fateh. Don’t waste your mind away on worldly obsessions. It’s good to have a nice home and nice clothing and jewelry, but don’t get caught up in the pressures of showing off for love and affection. God has already provided it free for all. You choose, Naam or inferior offers. What you choose will effect your health, happiness, and success.

iehu jgu moh hyq ibAwipqM duKu AiDk jnm mrxM ]
“This world is engrossed in attachment and temporary love; it suffers the terrible pains of birth and death.”
Don’t copy those who fall prey to the wiles of maya and superficial, false love. Anyone that is addicted to it suffers. They all are terrified of death. What is the terrible pain of birth and death? Simply, it is disorientation “I don’t know what happens and what it will feel like. I have no clue as to how to function in the next life.”

Bju srix siqgur aUbrih hir nwmu ird rmxM ]5]
“Run to the Sanctuary of the True Guru, chant the Lord's Name in your heart, and you shall swim across. ||5||”
For those who fear the unknown, rest assure that Guru Ji has given us the remedy for our fears. Run to the Sanctuary means to enter into the Sach Kand, to learn Guru Ji’s teachings and grab hold of truth Guru Granth Sahib teaches. Then the chant in your heart means to keep up the learning and remember. Swimming across can only be done with a floating object, for the currents are to big and swift. Satgur bohit Guru Ji is the floating object to help us in our daily challenges, both in this world and the next.

gurmiq inhcl min mnu mnµ shj bIcwrM ]
“Following Guru's teaching, the mind becomes stable; the mind accepts it, and reflects upon it in peaceful poise.”
Following Guru’s teaching means to listen, understand, and live by it. The stability of the mind causes the electrical currents on the brain to change, brings peace and poise. Without peace and poise, how can anyone concentrate to know how to escape trouble?

so mnu inrmlu ijqu swcu AMqir igAwn rqnu swrM ]6]
“That mind is pure, which guards Truth within, and the most excellent jewel of spiritual wisdom. ||6||”
What is worse while crossing troubled waters, fear and insecurity in the very person or thing that offers you expensive, inadequate help, or the most efficient help, always proven effective, free of cost? If you lack materials but have wisdom, you can figure out another invention to cross over. This is like Guru gian. If you have everything provided, yet lack the know-how, you might as well consider yourself drowned.

BY Bwie Bgiq qru Bvjlu mnw icqu lwie hir crxI ]
“By the Fear of God, and Love of God, and by devotion, man crosses over the terrifying worldocean, focusing his consciousness on the Lord's Lotus Feet.”
When God offers His assistance, you should not loose faith in His rescue technique and equipment. “The Lord’s lotus feet” corresponds to the stable basis, His foundation is truth. Coming to His feet means submission to His rules of success, His hukam. and our appreciation of His mercy. Falling at God’s feet is a figure of speech, since God has no physical feet.

hir nwmu ihrdY pivqRü pwvnu iehu srIru qau srxI ]7]
“The Name of the Lord, the most pure and sacred, is within my heart; this body is Your Sanctuary, Lord. ||7||”
Just as the realm of truth is the Sanctuary we must run to, so are we the sanctuary of God. His love is so deep, He is always anxious to help us. He has already done so before we were created. When we meet with God, when we become enlightened with Guru Ji’s wisdom, then our mind, heart, and body blossom into a sanctified temple for God

lb loB lhir invwrxM hir nwm rwis mnµ ]
“The waves of greed and avarice are subdued, by treasuring the Lord's Name in the mind.”
When we accepts God’s hukam and become guided heart and soul to Guru Granth Sahib’s wisdom, our vices no longer have control over us, because we are focused on Him. The moment we take Him off our minds, we fall sucker prey again, and the waves of the bhavjel oceanworld start to swallow us up.

mnu mwir quhI inrMjnw khu nwnkw srnµ ]8]1]5]
“Subdue my mind, O Pure Immaculate Lord; says Nanak, I have entered Your Sanctuary.||8||1||5||”
We cannot cleanse our minds and control ourselves alone. We need the grace of God. He has freely provided us the method and materials to reach purity. Unless our minds are controlled, and disciplined, it will be impossible to enter the Sanctuary of God.

In conclusion, we must purify our minds of the negative vices that control us. This is only done by learning with understand the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib. Nobody can enter a house if he believes he is already inside. He can’t be forced. Once he admits he is not in the house, he must travel to get there. The blind egotistic person thinks he is already in the house. He thinks all is well with him. When he hears and understands Guru Ji’s teaching, he begins to realize that he must make alterations in his life, to get into the door of success. Guru Nanak has made it across the bhavjel oceanworld into the house of God, His Sanctuary. By doing so, he has become a true devotee of God. nwnkw Bgiq ipRA ho “Nanak true devotee is in love with God.” (Gaurree M 5 ang 293)

God become devoted to us all by sustaining the entire universe. When we become a bhagat devotee to God, then we begin to realize this. Bgq´M Bgiq dwnµ rwm nwm gux kIrqnh ] (Seheiskritee Shlok M 5 ang 1355)He blesses His devotees with devotion. They sing Kirtan Praises of the Lord's Name.” Singing the praises kirtan mean our reactions and responses to our awareness of the Glory of God.

If people would spend one third of their time for becoming rich, and devote that time in devotion to Guru gian, they would be far more successful, effective, proficient, and sufficient in life. Guru Nanak has devoted himself tremendously, so that we all might also benefit as God’s devotees, too.


Please let us know which gurumukhi font you are using, we will try to install that font on SPN. Regards and thanks for your wonderful effort on Gurbani Translation.
I am using GurbaniAkarHeavy font for this shabbad. thanks for the support. I think a lot of people will be more hungry to learn about God after understanding this shabad.

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