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Coinage Ber Tree Leaf Mark

Jan 11, 2010

The above named album in the Sikh Coins Group (SCG) on Yahoo has been marked “Under discussion pending concrete evidence”. The album contains scans of Morashahi (TOP) and Arsiwala (BOTTOM) silver rupees for the mint city of Amritsar. SPN members will not find a larger number of scans of this type of coin in one place.

When this album was created, a discussion took place from numerous reputable members of the SCG on the origins of this type of mark on coins of Amritsar. The discussion supporting images of the ber tree leaf mark were put forward. However until we are able to get concrete evidence to back the theories discussed the discussion remains open. Originaly the coins of Amritsar mint where shown to have a leaf mark. Thanks to many members of the SCG we are today able to see a variety of scans for this type of coin.

For the full details of the discussion please join the Sikh Coins Group and click the following link:
Yahoo! Groups[/FONT]

Here is the link for the above album and topic:-

Rgds Parminder
Understanding history, culture and heritage through numismatics.


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Mai Harinder Kaur

Oct 6, 2006
British Columbia, Canada
I am a member of this group. It's worth joining just to get to the albums, but beyond that, I have learned a lot just reading the posts, although I rarely say much.

And they're really nice people, too.

Consider this: Have you ever held a Sikh coin? I mean a real Sikh coin used by real Sikhs as real Sikh currency. It's an incredible feeling. Who else has held this? What did they purchase? It is a real tangible piece of our history that you can hold in your hand. That's exciting!

But you have to be careful. There are many forgeries out there. This group is a great help in finding the real thing.

So join and then go get a Sikh coin or two to hold in your hand, to look at and dream about. It's really worth the investment! These coins are also great gifts to our young people to help bring our history to life, a great and wonderful history which we all should have the joy of experiencing. :veryhappykaur:

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