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Belated Valentines Day


Article by Bhaji Mehtab Singh (Canada)

Seeing as it is Valentines Day, I thought we could share our stories of falling in love…

Here is mine…

I had heard many stories of those who had fallen love, but never imagined it would happen to me too.

Love was something I never thought I wanted or needed in my life – needless to say however, when the feeling of love came to my door, I had no powers to stop it and had to surrender… my love became my everything.

It was almost like any normal day, awaking to get on with my worldly duties, just as I had been doing for the past twenty years… only today seemed different. I awoke at an earlier hour than normal, feeling the bounce of spring in my step - in the middle of winter.

As I took my shower, the water was warmer than usual and I remember smiling as it cascaded through my hair. I smiled with joy, the birds were singing, the world was turning, and I was alive to see it all…

I left for work earlier too – the day was bright and sunny, I could see the dew over the fields that swept the rear of my street, the rays of the sun pierced through the fluffed clouds and shone brighter than ever. The chilly frost had an amazing warmth to it and the world seemed a great place to be.

It was then, when admiring the perfection of the world I met Him.

He was neither tall, nor small. He was neither as rich as chocolate, nor fair as snow. He had a beauty no words could describe and a warmth cosier than a favourite winter jumper. Even the word “perfect” seemed too simple to describe Him.

Slowly, our love affair began.

We would sit together and talk for hours, I would lay my head in His lap, and talk, forever – often with tear filled eyes of joy and happiness. He would never interrupt. He was never bemused, even if I repeated myself. He would just sit and listen – often for hours.

Sometimes it would feel like he knew my innermost feelings, words I didn’t have, he knew of. When I would need something, anything, he would know I wouldn’t need to ask. He would know.

When I was upset and angry, He wouldn’t fight back, He would let me scream and shout and blame Him for all the things we both knew were never His fault. But He never once held that against me – He continued to love me – more and more with each day.

When I was cold, He could hold my hand, when the sun shone too bright, He would be my towering shade, when I was weak He would be the strength and when I was weary and tired He would carry me.

Like a King saving a princess from the middle of the jungle He would protect me from all the harms of the world.

When I was wrong, He would never say “I told you so” but instead would cradle me in His strong arms, hold me close, telling me that everything would be ok, because He was there.

When the world became too much for me, I could seek solace in His arms, and he would never complain.

Whenever I would need Him, I wouldn’t even have to call – He would just be there – in the instant of a blink. He’d be standing in front of me. If I wanted to see Him every day, He would never complain of all the other things He had to do, all the other people He had to meet all the other people He loved – He would be there – just for me as long as I needed.

He soon became my friend, my lover, my companion, my savour, my strength, my hope, my everything…

I never imagined falling in love – but it happened to me – the day I fell in love with my Guru Ji.

Even when I am a sore loser who forgets Him at times, He doesn't lessen His sweet grace a single bit.

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers of Gurujee :p


well love do not produce kids while sex can do so

About the no of guru ji kids its more than 25 milliion :)

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