Sufism Being In A State Of Love (Quote & A Poem In Response)


Nov 14, 2010
We should reflect upon each thing in a state of love.
Our love should be fragrant.
Our every word should bring sweetness to the heart
and be tasty to the tongue.
Our every gaze should bring peace and happiness to others.
We should have the kind of embrace that draws
all children to our hearts with love.
We have nothing else to give others, only our hearts.
When we give our hearts, we emit that love.
At once, people’s hunger will cease and they will be
filled with love, compassion, and a beautiful taste.
We may not have water or food to give, we may
be starving too, but we are not without love and compassion.
As soon as we talk to others, and give them love and compassion,
their tiredness, sadness, and worry will leave them.
Then we can offer them some water,
and they can drink it and be refreshed.
Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
To Die Before Death:The Sufi Way of Life, p. 221

(by Nam Jiwan)

How dark is my heart this morning, Teacher?
My earthly eyes see one thing;
my heart and soul's eyes another.
Yet I forget and forget and forget
that the only eyes that matter
are those that belong to heart and soul.
Let love chase away ego.
Let Your Face be all I seek in all I meet.
I prostrate at Your Feet, my One and All.
Forgive me for all I am not,
for the flaws that scar my heart,
for the bitter taste of my words
when they are not love,
for the stench of my bitterness.
I long for bliss, but still I kiss with ego's lips.

Awaken me, my Beloved,
so my ego's eyes will close,
so my eyes will reflect what I see in Yours,
so I see Your Eyes in all creation,
so I make my heart sweet and immaculate
only to please You, so I kiss Your lips and not my own.

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