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Being And Becoming

Jul 13, 2004
Site Admin,

Spirituality and Philosophy Discussion Forums - A journey of Being and Becoming !!!

Above statement appears in the discussion forums. Would you like to tell more about your thoughts, when you chose this wording regarding 'A journey of Being and Becoming !!!'

Jun 1, 2004
Its nice that you asked... :)

Well... I believe as I also read somewhere... the idea of Sprituality in Sikhism is of "Being and Becoming". The being is having the knowledge and awareness of the essential nature of the divinity of individual Soul and its relation with the Supreme Soul. i.e. God. The spark of divinty in a individual, having the same content as God, has the potential to 'Becoming' a perfect like Him and become one with Him. This awareness is the basis of "Universal Brotherhood" or the "Equality of Mankind" as the 'Spirit Consciousness' is same in everyone and every kind of life form from the lowest to the highest. It is this spiritual realization which made Gurus declare the Mankind as One and No enemy and No stranger.

The Spirit being divine and everfree and infinite cannot be expressed in a finite way as only the infinte can be expressed only in infinte way, no one can seal the Truth/Infinite in a book and say that is it!! It's just childish. Only a dogma can be sealed and has final conclusion/revelaton... not a Religion. Spiritualism is ever evolving !!!

Start loving every one and you are half way there, but in schematic creeds God is only limited to centain people, it favours the few but damns the rest of the lot. It's a partisan God not a Universal one thats why schematic creeds lack the appeal of the bliss of Super Soul and is void of Sprituality/Divinity, hence crushing the inituitive spirit of their adherants leading them to neither way and Spritually Dead.

The God realised person has no abilty to damn any one to hell as he sees divine spark in everything and this has always been the measurement of one's depth of spiritual experiences. Involution of the Soul/Spirit to the universal consciousness should be the aim of the Religions... :)

What are your ideas and observation ?
Jul 13, 2004
Neutral Singh said:
The spark of divinty in a individual, having the same content as God, has the potential to 'Becoming' a perfect like Him and become one with Him.
Thanks for the reply Singh ji. Nice to know the views about the statement.
I get stuck with people at this quoted statement. IMHO, if a sikh reads AND understands AND makes Guru Granth Sahib ji's teaching a way of life, then that soul is as good as God, almost perfect. But perhaps that type of souls are not many (around us), OR we are unable to identify those from the crowd of which we ourselves are part of.


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