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Be The Five Or The Thousands


Jan 22, 2009
Waheguruji Ka khalsa Waheguruji Ki Fateh,
Ok This is again going to ba a personal experience of mine, that I wish to share with all the Sikhs here.
When I joined my 1st job, I started wearing turban to office, initially the 1st week was good, but then as time passed on the ear started paining and headache started. I wasn't used to sitting 8-9 hrs a day on computer as well as wearning turban for that long. as days pass by the headache increased so did the ear pain. On the other hand, my work require me to wear headphone for around 70% of my time in office.
The 1st solution to the problem, which came to my mind was cutting my hairs. I couldn't think of anything else, actually i didn't wanted to.
I am a Amritdhari from last 2-3 years and involved in sikh prachar among childrens in local gurudware. I realised that the childrens i have been working for would surely get confused as to what i have been telling them about Guru's and sikhee and what was i going to do, cutting my hairs. it was a difficult time.
Then one day, I went to my Sandhwich shop where i usually go, but this time, i went there directly from my office, so was wearning the turban and not patka. The shop keeper was stunned. he said, 'Sunny u just look good, a real sardar. U look good in this bigger turban, u must always wear it. u showed me a true sikh Image.' the same was said by many others in couple of days. I created in my mind an negative image, that was the biggest hurdle i had.
I started experimenting with my turtban, talked to couple of people on orkut about my problems and they were all go in couple of days.
Every problem has a solution and I accept that my approach was wrong. I didn't thought about it or discuss it with my parents and friends and decided to take the extreme step.
I just wish to tell everyone that just think before u leap or take a wrong step.The guys here, every one will be there for u if u have any problem. Lets share every bit of a problem and help each other to solve it and learn from each others mistakes and experience.
Lastly Guru Gobind Singhji created a whole community, an Khalsa Panth from just Five Khalsa. He wasn't sorry about the fact that out of thousand of people only Five were brave enough to give there head. I wish to be among the Fives and not among the thousand, and hope ever one of u will wish to be among the Fives. We can improve ourselfs and lead a strong community in future.
Waheguruji Ka khalsa Waheguruji Ki Fateh

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.

Guru fateh.

Thanks for sharing your battle and eventually your victory. Congratualtions.

I am posting a picture of my nephew who was born in the US and is a lawyer. He has been working as a public defender at San Bernadino County in California for 3 years now. This is the way he goes to work. I would suggest if your ears hurt and you get headaches, you can change your pug
style like his.

Regards and keep it up.

Tejwant Singh


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