Basics Of Sikhi @ Youtube

Really a beautiful worded educative information about the values of Sikhi.
The Basic of Sikhi should be found from within Gurbanee.
From Gurbanee one can get the answer to the Basic Question as What is Sikhi?
As per Gurbanee Sikhi is defined in a Quote from ASa Di Vaar as

Siki Sikhiya GuR Vichari...

Sikhi is being educated thru thinking of GuR. This thinking of GuR is the most Basic essence of Sikhi.Unless GuR is a part of ones thinking process all other views remain superficial parapharnalia only.

Sikhi thru thinking of GuR makes the Sikh one with GuROO.And Such a Sikh spreads the
message of GuR only.
There is a Quote on PP444 SSG as

"GuROO Sikhu SikhU GuROO EKO GuR Updes Chalaye.

This aspect shuld be given the prime consideration about Sikhi.

Rest everything about Sikhi as conveyed in the vedio is just wonderful.

SatNam _/|\_

Kanwaljit ji

Yes! I loved the video you shared of Anterjot Singh ji speaking on Sikhi. Does he have a website? Is it the link at the bottom of the video that is his (

Nam Jiwan:mundabhangra:


I think he posts his videos on that website. If you go to and search for Anterjot Toronto then you will get most of his videos. He has a kind of unique name.

Harkiran Kaur


I love all of Basics of Sikhi videos... he does a wonderful service for those of us who do not understand Punjabi. Even though I am trying, I find Punjabi a very difficult language to understand. I can't even find anywhere online the basics of conversational Punjabi. I can find the basics of reading Gurmukhi script.. ie learning the letters, but thats only good if you already understand Punjabi. :( Anyway, Basics Of Sikhi is wonderful since he explains everything in English!