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Bare Footed Pilgrimage

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Bare Footed Pilgrimage

Jul 13, 2004
Gyani Jarnail Singh said:
we have the story of mata ganga Ji, the wife of Guru Arjun Sahib jee shown going to Baba Budha Ji, BARE FOOTED to ask blessing of a Son. ( Apart from this story being a Fairytale as the theme of the story is blatantly Anti-Gurmatt and against the GURBANI of GURU ARJUN JI..but that is another story alltogehter and too long to repeat here). Since going barefoot is not of any merit there is no reason for mata ganga ji to go barefoot anywhere.

jarnail singh
Noticed the above in another thread regarding chair/table in Langar hall. Got curious to know what Anti-Gurmat thing is being talked about here.

Gyani ji - looking forward to a reply.


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