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Sikh News Balbir Singh UK Case Exposes Indian Police Frame Up

Jul 10, 2006
Balbir Singh UK Case Exposes Indian Police Frame Up
Wednesday 7th of February 2007
Panthic Weekly News Bureau
New Delhi (KP) - Bhai Balbir Singh Bains travelled to India on the 23rd June 1999 on Lufthansa Flight No. LH760 via Frankfurt. The purpose of the visit was to attend the wedding of a relative in India and to complete some last minute shopping for the wedding of his cousin sister Harjot Kaur arranged by himself. Balbir Singh Landed at Delhi Indhira Gandhi International Airport in the early hours of 24th June.

He was cleared through customs and immigration and left the airport, where he was received by a close friend of the family named Sukhmander Singh. Suddenly, the two were arrested by the Delhi Police and taken away to Lodhi Colony and jailed on charges of carrying RDX and having links with Babbar Khalsa International.
Thus began a chain of events which culminated with Balbir Singh being imprisoned in the notorious Tihar jail as he awaited trial. The court case took place 3 years later. The defence then proceeded to expose the complete fabrications inherent within the CBI's case against Balbir Singh.
On the day of his aquittal, the Judge's actual words in his summation were that the case was "a balloon of falsehoods". His treatment was declared a miscarriage of justice. It was later revealed that the explosives allegedly 'found' on Balbir were in fact from the Indian Secret Service's own supply. They had in fact been planted on him.
The news segment below from India.tv details Bhai Balbir Singh's story, and is perhaps the first time the Indian media has openly questioned the manner in which the police forces and the central government have handled this case. Bhai Paramjit Singh Dhadhi, also from UK, was recently arrested under similar cirumstances by the Punjab Police.

Perhaps this news segment will give a small glimpse of the type of persecution members of the Sikh community have gone through for the last 5 decades, and help accelerate the release of Dhadhi and other innocents who are suffering inside the prisons of India.

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