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Sikh News Badal Regime : Safe Haven For Fraud Saadhs

Jul 10, 2006
Badal Regime : Safe Haven for Fraud Saadhs
Wednesday 7th of March 2007
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

Praying for Badal : The infamous Chicagowala Baba and Amar Sinh Barundi
Amritsar Sahib (KP) - Although it has only been a week since SAD (Badal) and the BJP/RSS took power in Punjab, Parkash Badal and his anti-Sikh cohorts haven't wasted a second in initiating their anti-Sikh/Punjabi agenda. Badal has been active in promoting various anti-Sikh pseudo-Saadhs who supported him during his election campaign.

With Badal in power as chief minister for the next five years, Punjab is destined to become a safe haven for numerous anti-Sikh elements, including the RSS terrorist organization and fraudulent dehdhari 'gurus.'

Prior to the election, various Sikh representatives such as Simranjeet Singh Maan were able to pressurize Badal to counter his anti-Sikh agenda, but with Punjab under BJP/RSS control, Badal has been granted free license to propagate his anti-Sikh agenda without any worry of censure from opposition parties.
Under the Badal regime, the Sikh Nation can only expect that the sovereign authority of Sri Akal Takht Sahib will be further denigrated to proliferate the Hindutva agenda. Time and time again Badal has undermined the authority of Akal Takht Sahib but now that he is chief minister, Panthic circles can be guaranteed that the sacred Sikh institution will remain under siege of the mahant leadership.

Though this sets an ominous future for the Sikhs, it comes as welcome news to fake-saadhs such as Maan Pehova and Daljeet Sinh Chicago; both who have been granted impunity for their serious crimes by Jathedar Vedanti, who continues to function as a peon of Parkash Badal.

Pehowa Saadh

A prime example of the free haven given to these dehdhari 'gurus' is the recent unwarranted arrest of Dr. Gurvinder Singh Samra and thirty other Sikh protestors at an anti-Pehova rally last week. It is widely known that the protestors, who were arrested under ludicrous charges, were arrested and detained by the Punjab police at the behest of Maan Pehova and his cult followers.

Dr. Samra and the other Sikh protestors have already been denied due process with their court hearing and now with Badal in power, these protestors face yet another obstacle in their trial, as Badal is a staunch supporter of rapist pseudo-baba Maan Pehova.

Jagerra Saadh

Convicted rapist and sex offender, Shamsher Sinh Jagerra, is yet another example of a pseudo-saadh reaping the benefits of judicial impunity under Badal's corrupt regime. Jagerrais a close associate of both Pehova and Parkash Badal, and has an infamous reputation for being a womanizer. The pseudo-baba was previously working as a caretaker of Gurdwara Sri Mastuana Sahib (Dugri Road, Ludhiana) but was released of his duties after he was exposed for his immoral character.

Jagerra was replaced by Bhai Balwant Singh Menea as the head attendant of the Gurdwara Sahib; which resulted in Jagerradeveloping a strong animosity towards him. The local Sangat also recovered three fraudulent passports issued to Jagerraunder different names which resulted in a criminal case being filed against him which is still pending with the local police. Ever since this incident, the pseudo-saadh, Shamsher Sinh has gone to many lengths to trouble the local Sangat and to usurp the position of Bhai Balwant Singh. It was recently brought to notice of the press that Jagerra threatened to kill Bhai Balwant Singh Menea and his family if the police case against him was not withdrawn.

He also publicly demanded to have the control of the Gurdwara Sahib returned to him, again threatening the life of Bhai Balwant Singh. Shamsher Sinh pretentiously vowed to Bhai Balwant Singh that with Parkash Badal back in power as chief minister, no authority could challenge him anywhere in Punjab.

Chicagowala Sadh

Another fraud-saadh whose name adds to this list of corruption is the notorious Daljeet Sinh of Chicago who has been found guilty of religious and moral misconduct on numerous occasions. He was recently caught red handed at a Chicago motel late at night, alone with a woman from his dera, by the local Sangat. Despite the eye witness testimonies of the Sangat and of local Chicago police officers, Daljeet Sinh was given the clean chit and granted impunity for his immoral actions by the Takht Jathedars.

At that time, the hearing of Daljeet Sinh's case at Akal Takht Sahib was also unnecessarily delayed. Panthic organizations condemned this irresponsible and unethical decision by Jathedar Vedanti, who acted under the orders of Mahant Parkash Badal.

Following the release of the election results this past week Daljeet Sinh printed numerous fliers in several pro-Badal newspapers such as the 'Daily Ajit' lauding Badal and his anti-Sikh party. According to trusted sources, Daljeet Sinh also praised various BJP/RSS leaders for acquiring a substantial proportion of seats in Punjab and other states in the recently held elections.
The people of Punjab can forget about all of the glamorous promises that Badal made prior to the election such as improving road ways, lowering taxes and improving the economy, however there is one thing that they can expect under the Badal regime; that rapist fraud saadhs and dehdhari 'gurus' will be given safe haven and granted judicial impunity for their crimes. Thus far the Punjabi Sikhs have only seen the tip of the iceberg of Badal's corruption; the next five years will reveal what truly lies beneath the surface of the Hindutva/Badal regime.
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