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Back To Earth

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    The other evening has had a profound effect on me, coupled with the a visit to the dentist, I feel more awake and connected to Creation than I have in a long time, firstly, like with my wife, we all want the special things that exist in a relationship, but we overlook the foundations that keep us sane, that was a good lesson for me, but to couple it with the dentist has left me beaming all over.

    I had to get a tooth pulled yesterday, and I will be honest, I was scared! I hate the dentist, I thought of Bhai Maniji, of Guru Arjanji, and here I was approaching abject terror because of the dentist, the numbing was not too bad, but then something was clamped round the tooth, and boy did it hurt, I focused on Waheguru, not praying, just filling my head with thoughts of Creator, and that did help, just to take my mind of the grinding grating noise from my mouth. It was quite a bad tooth, and the dentist stopped several times to numb me up some more, although I did not complain hugely, finally after some wrenching, the tooth came out, the relief was huge, I looked at it, it was ok at the top, but the roots were infected, shortly after I was on my way home, and I felt hugely liberated, I did not realise just how present the pain had been for the last two months, I suppose you get used to it, but devoid of pain, and having known what life was like without love, I suddenly felt a huge rush of gratitude and happiness, that tooth had been really bringing me down, it was like removing something that was contributing to my lack of connection, maybe its just my brain, who knows, but I drove to work humming shabads, it is a genuine pleasure to have Creator in my thoughts, to talk to Creator, to learn.

    This morning I read a few pages from SriGranth.org, I love the pages that impart knowledge, that teach you things, that talk of science and philosophy, of sociology, I love learning the code for living, as opposed to the code for a living death, I am at the happiest I have been for some time, today I will speak to my mum and dad, they are in India, I have missed them, but when the black dog visits, I tend to wait till he has gone, before I speak to them, I feel like I have lost 2 months somewhere..
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