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Baba Bulle Shah

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Tejwant Singh, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Tejwant Singh

    Tejwant Singh United States
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    Jun 30, 2004
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    Just one observation: Baba means an aged/old male. I have always seen his name with Baba which makes me assume that either Bulle Shah started writing this very poignant poetry at the old age or his poetry was recognised by the people when he had gotten old. No one cared for him and nor for his talent filled with depth and metaphors then.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 6.01.17 PM.png
    Baba Bulle Shah

    Rub Rub kr day budhay hou gaye Mullah
    pandit saray..
    Rub da khouj khara na labha sajday kr kr haray
    Rub tay teray andar wasda vich Quran Isharay
    BuLLay shah Rub oh Nu MiL si
    Jeraa apnay Naf"s nu maray

    I am almost certain it was the latter as it often happens to the artists like him.

    My feeble attempt to interpret this beautiful poetry from Baba Bulle Shah, a very insightful Sufi poet.

    Baba Bulle Shah

    Parroting God, God for so long, the Mullahs,the Pundits,
    And the others,
    Have grown old in their isms.

    They could not find God despite all the worshipping,
    And the necessary ritualism.

    God dwells within you, you learned,
    While you claim He is in The Quran.
    The one you are pointing at.
    While holding it on your bosom.

    Bulleh Shah, only those will find God within,
    Who get rid of Me-ism.
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    Tejwant Singh

    Sufi poetry inspired young Nanak beyond measure and as a result, Baba Farid's collection had been included in SGGSJ. Baba Nanak had passed on Baba Farid's kalaam down to his successors to be included. That's because Baba Nanak identified his new monotheistic belief with Sufism and saw unity in another sense, as the transcendence within which God and the soul are One, not God the object whom externally persons worship, but God the Real in whom persons are.

    The vocabulary of Sufi theology, and of poetry to which Sufism gave such impetus and vitality, is rich and fertile in metaphor.

    As regards your quote above, I read it with interest bar :

    Rub tay teray andar wasda vich Quran Isharay
    Rub = God;
    teray andar = within you
    wasda = resides
    vich = in
    isharay = pointing, indicating.

    From a Sufi perspective, Baba Bulle Shah is saying, "O'man, God resides within thee, Qur'an is pointing the same". The point he is trying to militate is, God is within everyone and the scriptures are no more than an instructions manual.To find and realise God look within yourself and not in Qur'an Shaif.

    Thank you !
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