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B.C. Turban-tying Event Targets Youth


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
B.C. turban-tying event targets youth

CBC News - British Columbia - B.C. turban-tying event targets youth

One of the biggest turban-tying contests in North America begins Monday afternoon in Surrey, B.C.

Contest organizer Gurdial Badh of Radio Sher-e Punjab says the contest was started eight years ago to combat racism and maintain respect.

"After 9/11, there was a lot of things that happened. A lot of people didn't know about people living in North America, who they actually were. There was a lot of instances of racially motivated attacks against Sikhs wearing turbans," said Badh.

This year the organizers of the annual contest aim to encourage younger Sikh men and teenaged boys to take pride in wearing a turban, also known as a Dastar.

"We're focusing on the youth this year. That's our major focus — to see what the Dastar means to them and how they can combat the feeling, the fear, or the self-confidence that they may lack," he said.

Competitors are expected to wrap seven metres of cloth around their heads in 10 minutes to form a turban without the cloth touching the ground.

Judges will be awarding points for symmetry, head coverage and clean folds, according to organizer Jas Gill of Radio Sher-e Punjab.
The event is being held at the Bombay Banquet Hall and starts at 2 p.m. PT. Everyone is welcome to drop by and try wearing a turban, Badh said.
"You can have a turban tied, so you can actually have your picture taken. There are volunteers over there that'll be tying turbans," he said.

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