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Avoiding Negative Vibrations

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Avoiding Negative Vibrations
Taking On The Energy Of Others

There are times when you may find that being around certain individuals or groups of people leaves you with feelings of discomfort. It may be that spending time with a particular friend feels draining or that dealing with a specific coworker exhausts you. Being around toxic or angry people is also draining. And you may even find that being surrounded by a crowd of people lowers your energy levels rather than perks you up. This is not that unusual. Each of us radiates energy and is capable of being influenced by the energy of other people. It is important to learn how to shield yourself, so you don't unknowingly take on someone else's energy. While some people know how to instinctively protect themselves from being adversely affected by energy, most of us need to discover and practice the technique that works best.

There are a number of ways to avoid being affected by people's energy. Shielding is one preventative technique you can use. Center yourself and envision being enveloped in a cocoon of loving and protective light. This protective layer should allow you to consciously regulate the energy around you. The intent to shield oneself is all you need for this technique to work. You can even create a trigger word to assist you in quickly creating a shield. Say this word each time you create a new shield, until the word and the shield become automatically associated in your mind. If you run into a person whose energy you find draining, you may want to cleanse your own energy field after your encounter. Sage, cold showers, singing, mineral water baths, spending time in nature, and a simple break to recharge are all ways to accomplish this.

While it is important to know how to shield yourself from energy, there are those energies that you may not want to shut out. The energy of laughter from a newborn baby, the feeling of joy radiating from someone in love, and the frequency of calm emanating from an enlightened teacher are just some of the energies coming from others that you may want to have around you

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Sep 11, 2005
Dear Soul jyot

You Article is really cool and authentic and there is no fakeness of falseness in it .

I do believe in it , It has nothing to do with any religion and is really a good technique .. to create Positive Energies ......

And , Yes , each and every person do emanate a Positive as Well as Negative Energies and it effects the person in his her vicinity .

There are many methods , but one of the most effective method is the Visualisation of some Positive Events or Positive Energy Person.

It depends upon the person how is visualizes , whether one dimensional , two dimensional or three dimensional ......

If anyone can Visualize in Three Dimensional Mode , He/She can listen to Gurbani or any Bhakti song as per his her religion in a stereophonic or surround sound mode , thus creating Positive Energy .
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