Sakhis Authenticity Of Balae Wali Janam Sakhi


Contributed by findingmyway (Jasleen Kaur Ji)...

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A debate with Gurcharan Singh Jeon Wala


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Nice debate but i have seen in some other video also, GS Jeonwala sometimes gets carried away in the heat of the moment and make some careless observations...

In the video at 35:50, Jeonwala makes an observation that Guru Nanak Sahib talks to Bala/Maradan like Vae Baleyaa! Vae Mardaneya! which he went on to say that it seems as if a female is calling someone... but then we have in Gurbaani a Tukk in Babar Bani, "Jaisee Mein Aave Khasam Kee Baanee, Tehsara Karee Gyaan, Vae Laloo!", So Jeonwala's this argument holds no ground...