Kirtan Audio Only - Hip-hop Style Anand Sahib


I wish I hadn't heard anything like that. The way it is sung is total mismatch with what Guru is saying. I wonder what Bhai Harjinder Singh ji has to say on this!


Yup, I have their Nitnem album - beautiful! They have an ethos of engaging Sikh youth with kirtan so I think that's what they are trying to achieve with this rendition of Anand Sahib. As said originally, there are surely some people around who like it. But I am also with Kanwaljit that the style doesn't match the meaning of the bani. In the world of modern renditions, I would see this beat sitting better with a more active bani like Asa Di Var rather than the immensely peaceful and contemplative Anand.


IS there any purpose of RAAG given on every bani how and why Guru ji gave importance to start a bani with special raag ?


I learn piano from some time now .. i dont have background of Indian classical music .. so learning western classical on piano was my first exposure to classical music. Indian classical music is actually much more complex then western classical and atleast for me diff ragas have different smoothness touching your brain in different way .. probably one of the reason that different writings are written in diff ragas. So ideally i think (writings + corresponding raga) will be most impacting and at the same time i dont know if Anand Sahib needs to be read using certain Raga. I think many Ragi's use different music backgrounds now a days for a shabad and some people say that it is good because u r singing like any other song but at the same time ur reading guru bani. My personal view is by reading guru bani and not feeling it .. u can just assume that some where some points are added in your account ;-). I think if u r reading bani and thinking of work or some song while reading that's not going to be that fruitful but again that's my personal view.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Raag is the Medium..or "HORSE"..purely for RIDING.
The Important aspect is the HUMAN seated on the this case GURBANI RIDING THE RAAG.
Some people can get the same satisfcation riding a simple donkey..others need a mare..others the best Arabian Stallion..or a Wild Unbroken Stallion..or a camel..or a buffalo..

RAAG puts you in the mood..for PRACTICING GURBANI...thats why we DONT SING IN RAAG when doing SEHAJ PAATH..even though its there...24/7...SOHILA has various raags and its read just before going to bed...we concentrate on the MESSAGE and PRACTISE GURBANI.

A bit difficult to explain..but when practised regularly..we get the gyaan flowing inside of us...
I always thought the purpose of raag was to impart a particular feeling inside people. It can't be denied that music has that effect on people.
That's pretty much the "purpose" of Raag. Though it's not a purpose exactly, those set of notes when played in a particular way, and when sung with certain lyrics just happen to arouse particular emotions.

Raags work the right part of the brain, they open our mind up, provide clarity in perception, connect us to our body and this way they connect us to the divine.
Thanks Gyani ji yeah it totally was, I enjoyed every moment of it. When I was there I felt more at home than I did here, and now that I am back, I feel more at home here. Lol